Global Drivers Fuel Challenge by Volvo Trucks

Back for the third time, Volvo Malaysia is again conducting a nationwide search for the best Malaysian trucker to represent the country in the Global Drivers Fuel Challenge by Volvo Trucks to be held in Australia later this year.

Volvo Malaysia also launched the Globe Truckers club to offer Malaysian truckers a constant stream of news and useful information that will advance them in their long-term careers. Malaysian truckers will now have a platform to interact within the trucking community to share and exchange knowledge, experiences and stories with other members.

According to Volvo, the Fuelwatch Challenge is not just about driving skills, it is about achieving maximum fuel efficiency through a comprehensive approach encompassing vehicle optimisation and maintenance, performance monitoring, safety measures and driver behaviour through a nationwide competition format.

Volvo’s Fuelwatch concept for maximum efficiency revolves around 6 key processes:

  • Optimized Trucks
  • Fuel Saving Maintenance
  • Efficiency Upgrades
  • Trip Manager
  • Driver Development
  • Fuel Management Service

All participants are required to undergo a driver’s training, briefing, and a written test to prepare and qualify them for the challenge. During the semi-finals, 20 participants will be divided into groups and compete for a position in the finals. The six finalists will then drive on a predetermined 50km route, where the winner will be selected based on lowest percentage of fuel consumption within the time limit set. The champion of the Malaysia Fuelwatch Challenge will receive RM 5,000 BSN voucher and the chance to compete in Australia against truckers from across the globe. His employer will receive a voucher for RM 10,000 worth of genuine parts from Volvo and a trip to Australia to watch the Malaysian champion compete for the world title.

“The Fuelwatch Challenge is more than a driving competition. We, at Volvo, aim to create better understanding and awareness on fuel efficiency, safety, maintenance, vehicle optimisation and driver behaviour.” said Mansoor Ahmed, President, Volvo Trucks Group, Region Malaysia.

Volvo Malaysia announced Adnan Laili(last year’s Malaysia Fuelwatch Challenge winner) as the official 2012 ambassador for Fuelwatch Challenge and Globe Truckers club to raise awareness on the importance of fuel-efficiency, safety, quality, and environment care.

Topics that participants will go through during the pre-Challenge training are:

  • Daily checks and general rules to ensure fuel-efficiency driving
  • Crucial factors that affect fuel consumption
  • Importance of safe driving as a contributor to fuel-efficiency driving
  • Uphill, downhill, and route selections and driving tactics and styles
  • Understanding of the components in the truck to enable improved fuel-efficiency driving

Volvo Malaysia ensures that the information, tips, and know-hows are made available to the Malaysian truck drivers circle through its newly-established Globe Truckers club.

All Globe Trucker members will receive car stickers, newsletters, annual get-togethers, competitions, birthday card and gift. Volvo is planning to extend discount on Volvo Merchandise, other external merchant benefits, tailored Driver Trainer classes, back-to-school kits and scholarship programs for the members’ children by the end of the year.

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Global Drivers Fuel Challenge by Volvo Trucks 2
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