Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Released for Enterprise & SMEs

Kaspersky Lab announced the release of its latest security technology  called Kaspersky Security for Virtualization(KSV) – built from the ground-up by Kaspersky Lab’s internal team of security experts – is focused on protecting evolving corporate IT infrastructures from malware and cybercriminals.

[(From L-R): Mr Jimmy Fong, Channel Sales Director, SEA, Kaspersky Lab, Ms Gun Suk Ling, Corporate Sales Director, APAC, Kaspersky Lab and Mr Jimmy Low, Security Consultant, SEA, Kaspersky Lab]

Kaspersky Security for Virtualization is delivered as a virtual security appliance that integrates with VMware vShield Endpoint to provide agent-less, anti-malware security based upon Kaspersky Lab’s advanced anti-malware engine. Developed from the same code-base as Kaspersky Lab’s endpoint security products, Kaspersky Security for Virtualization avoids the needless complexity and resource-drain associated with security programs that typically “bolt-on” acquired technology for virtual environments. With Kaspersky Lab, customers have a single, unified management platform for their virtual, physical and mobile environments.

KSV also has advanced anti-malware engine that provides superior detection and effective malware remediation. Understanding that companies implement virtualization to reach efficiency, KSV efficiency delivers protection in an agent-less form with a centralized anti-malware engine and signature database. This ensures that there is no redundancy or duplication of engine and database.

KSV virtual appliance is deployed on a host, it provides automatic and up-to-date protection to all guest VMs/ease of security, addressing the deployment and compliance issues at the same time. By tightly integrating with VMware’s platform and tools, KSV’s protection seamlessly follows a VM as it moves from one host to another and there is no disruption to the protection status and security settings of the VM.

In addition, KSV gives IT professionals the flexibility to configure and apply different security settings to selected virtual machine groups. In short, with Kaspersky’s seamless management solution, companies can acquire virtualization at a pace that suits their organization’s unique needs.

By harnessing the detection power of Kaspersky’s anti-malware engine, as well as the unified manageability of Kaspersky Security Center, Kaspersky Security for Virtualization effectively protects virtualized environments and provides IT professionals with the unified management and visibility they need.

Kaspersky Security for Virtualization is managed using Kaspersky’s universal management console, Kaspersky Security Center. By using the same management console as other Kaspersky endpoint security applications, Kaspersky provides a consistent way for IT security professionals to manage and express security policies across both physical and virtual environments. Through Kaspersky Security Center, IT security professionals get a single-pane view of all protected machines. The dashboard provides views of protection status at a glance to allow administrators to take swift action when issues arise.

In addition to plug-and-play compatibility with Kaspersky Lab’s own endpoint security offerings, Kaspersky Security for Virtualization seamlessly integrates with VMware vShield Endpoint Security, providing straightforward protection for virtual data centers, virtualized servers and desktops. Using VMware vShield Endpoint, the centrally managed Kaspersky Security for Virtualization automatically detects every virtual machine on the network, delivering files to the Kaspersky Lab client for real-time anti-malware scans. This integration with VMware vCenter means straightforward deployment, automatic protection of new virtual machines, mapping of both logical and physical computing structures, and automatic security updates, all delivering increased consolidation ratios for customers and managed by the Kaspersky Security Center administration console – “a single pane of glass.”

For more details on Kaspersky Security for Virtualization, visit this page.

Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Released for Enterprise & SMEs 1
Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Released for Enterprise & SMEs 2
Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Released for Enterprise & SMEs 3
Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Released for Enterprise & SMEs 4
Kaspersky Security for Virtualization Released for Enterprise & SMEs 5

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