[Video] Keyless BMW stolen in under 3 minutes

Hackers have figured out how to break into keyless cars with ease, to be more specific, high end BMW cars. BMW has acknowledged there is a problem, but is not doing enough to protect its customers.

Check out the video below posted by the name of “stolen1m” showing how his BMW was stolen in under three minutes. He suspects the thieves used devices that plug into the car’s On-Board Diagnostic (ODB) port to program a new keyfob.

In the video, there are a few security flaws that the hackers are exploiting simultaneously: there is no sensor triggered when the thieves initially break the window, the internal ultrasonic sensor system has a “blind spot” just in front of the OBD port, the OBD port is constantly powered (even when the car is off), and last but not least, it does not require a password. All of this means the thieves can gain complete access to the car without even entering it.

Despite that BMW acknowledged that there is a problem, it is downplaying this particular issue by saying the whole industry struggles with thievery. This is unfortunate given that the evidence seems to point towards BMWs being specifically targeted.Whether that’s because they are luxury cars or because they have a security loophole doesn’t matter: the point is BMW needs to do something about it.


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