Microsoft Mouse & Keyboards Designed for Windows 8

Microsoft Corp has introduced new hardware that works with Windows 8 back in July. The new products will be available at major retailers from October 2012 onwards in Malaysia.

Optimized for Windows 8, Microsoft’s new lineup of mice and keyboards are loaded with features including Bluetooth connectivity, BlueTrack Technology for tracking on virtually any surface(except clear glass or mirrored surfaces) and specific functionality that works in Windows 8.  All the hardware are designed by Microsoft and optimized for Windows desktop, laptop and tablet.

Wedge Touch Mouse

Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse packs full functionality into an ultracompact frame that’s great for a mobile lifestyle. Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Wedge Touch Mouse is designed to complement your Windows experience in all its forms, providing four-way touch scrolling and navigation at your fingertips.

  • Its artful and minimalist design also comes free of cables or USB transceivers — you simply turn it on and connect it to your Bluetooth-enabled laptop or tablet for a clutter-free experience.
  • It features BlueTrack Technology so you can use it on virtually any surface, whether you’re in a conference room, a coffee shop or at home on your couch.
  • It includes Backpack Mode to power down and sleep along with the computer it’s paired to, extending battery life.
  • Pricing: estimated retail price of RM219.00(US$69.95)

Wedge Mobile Keyboard

The new ultraslim Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard brings full-size keyboard comfort, efficiency and speed to a tablet. Designed specifically for tablet users, Wedge Mobile Keyboard includes some of the most commonly used features, such as Windows Hot Keys and built-in media keys.

  • The lightweight design makes it easy to carry, and its full-sized keyset provides a comfortable experience that makes typing a breeze.
  • Its durable cover not only helps protect your keyboard from scratches but also quickly converts into a tablet stand. When you’re done using it, simply snap the cover back on the keyboard to power it down before you stash it in your bag.
  • Bluetooth technology lets you wirelessly connect to your tablet without a cable or transceiver.
  • Pricing: estimated retail price of RM249.00 (US$79.95)

Sculpt Touch Mouse

Designed to provide comfort matched with portability, the Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse is a great solution for smooth and easy navigation with a Windows 8-based PC.

  • With a four-way touch scroll strip, you can breeze up and down, left and right, and through applications and documents with a simple finger swipe, making it great for navigating the Windows 8 Start screen.
  • Sculpt Touch Mouse uses Bluetooth technology, so you can wirelessly connect to your tablet without a cable or transceiver.
  • Pricing: estimated retail price of RM159.00 (US$49.95)

Sculpt Comfort Keyboard

The Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Keyboard features a ground-breaking split spacebar with configurable backspace functionality, the newest Microsoft keyboard to sport the Contour Curve design.

  • It is ergonomic, and the Contour Curve design creates a natural arc that promotes a comfortable, natural wrist position and puts keys within easy reach.
  • Palm lift helps to straighten and support the wrists.
  • Split spacebar with configurable backspace functionality is designed to improve typing efficiency.
  • Equipped with Windows 8 hotkeys to provide convenient access to commonly used functions, which allows you to quickly search, access device settings and share with the tap of a finger.
  • Pricing: estimated retail price of RM189.

Updated Gesture Settings for Windows 8

Also available in the market is the Microsoft Touch Mouse, which features a large touch-sensitive surface that responds to one-, two-, and three-fingered gestures that are optimized for PC use. In preparation for Windows 8 impending launch, the Microsoft Touch Mouse will obtain updated functionality specifically designed for Windows 8 with new gesture settings to easily navigate the new UI.

  • One-finger swipes allow customers to move naturally and intuitively side to side or up and down, shifting content on screen.
  • Two-finger movements manage apps, switch through open apps and show app commands.
  • Three fingers allow customers to zoom in and out.
  • Thumb gestures navigate backward and forward within apps.
  • Pricing: estimated retail price of RM269.00 (US$79.95)

In conjunction with Microsoft Malaysia’s 20th Anniversary, there will be a 30% discount on all the new products above.

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