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Windows 8 to launch in Malaysia on Oct 29

Malaysia will be getting the latest Microsoft operating system-Windows 8 on Tuesday, 29 October.

Windows 8 represents a fundamental shift in the way Windows works and is far more touchscreen-orientated for use on tablets as well as traditional PCs. The new OS offers both a traditional desktop interface and the Metro-style touch-friendly UI.

Windows 8 will be available in four editions- Windows 8(for mainstream consumers), Windows 8 Pro (for power users), Windows 8 Enterprise & Windows RT(for ARM devices).

Existing Windows 7 users may upgrade to Windows 8 and keep all their Windows settings, personal files, and apps. Windows Vista users can choose to keep their Windows settings and personal files while Windows XP users can keep their personal files. Of course, users can still perform a fresh install. Windows 8 upgrade details can be found here.

No pricing details of Windows 8 has been announced in Malaysia yet. The Windows 8 OS will be available globally starting 26 October 2012. So far, PC manufactures such as HP has revealed their  Windows 8 lineup of hybrid PC, including pricing and availability details.

According to Microsoft, it has sold over 630 million Windows 7 licenses to date, the predecessor of Windows 8. Windows 7 was released about 3 years ago in 2009.

The Malaysia Windows 8 launch is scheduled to take place at LowYat plaza in the afternoon and will be officiated by Ananth Lazarus, Managing Director of Microsoft Malaysia.

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