TGV Cinemas SetiaWalk Goes Fully Digital with 3D-X

TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd (TGV Cinemas) has launched its new Digital 3D projection system called 3D-X at the spanking new 50,923 sq ft TGV Cinemas SetiaWalk in Puchong.

[ L-R: Kenny Wong, CEO, TGV Cinemas Sdn Bhd and Chow Will Pin, Managing Director, 20th Century Fox Films Malaysia and Indonesia]

This launch also signifies the theatre’s progressive transition from 35 mm film projection to digital cinema projection. TheTechInsider was told that the 3D-X technology will be available at all TGV Cinemas outlet by the end of 2013.

Apart from delivering unmatched brightness, sharpness and superior 3D images, with 3D-X, TGV Cinemas is now capable of displaying high-definition content – 2K, 4K and 3D feature films, documentaries and alternative content.

The new cinema at SetiaWalk is the 20th TGV outlet and is located in the Puchong vicinity. TGV said that the opening of a new cinema is timely as it addresses the growing need of a cinema exhibitor in the developing neighbourhood which extends to Subang and Shah Alam.

TGV SetiaWalk brings a whole new dimension to the cinema experience for Malaysians as it includes the very best of comfort and digital cinema experience. The new cinema is home to a Beanieplex, which has comfortable cushy beanbag seats that come in pairs, and eight other cinema halls all equipped with the latest digital projection system.

The stadium-like seating provides cinema-goers an exceptional vantage point inside the cinema halls directed to the screen. This unique positioning of plush seats is paired with wider leg room that guarantees comfort throughout the duration of a movie.

TGV SetiaWalk is also another venue for hosting corporate and private events. Equipped with two function rooms and a classy foyer, Malaysians can expect one-of-a-kind-event experiences at TGV Cinemas.

“The innovation found in today’s digital cinema technology to greatly improve the movie-going experience makes the film-to-digital conversion a top priority for TGV Cinemas. With the 3D-X roll-out, TGV Cinemas can now offer the best in digital cinematic experience in 3D,” explained Kenny Wong, CEO of TGV Cinemas.

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