Friendster Offers More Social Discovery Features

Friendster now offers additional features in search and social functionalities. The social gaming site said in a statement that finding new friends and even possibly, finding a perfect match, just got easier.

The expanded profile function allows new and existing users to include more personal details like age, gender and location, as well as a profile photograph.  This, together with the new search feature – Friendster Finder, enables users to easily search through thousands of Friendster profiles that matches their search preferences.

To start connecting with new friends, users can simply click on any matching profile and indicate a crush with the limited free daily passes. A list of the selected profiles is accessible via the new social notification – My Crushes. In addition, users can view other social notifications – My Admirers, to discover crushes from other users, and My Matches for their newly established connections.

Valued-added services (VAS), which is obtainable with Friendster’s virtual currency – Friendster Coins, are also available to better users’ social discovery experience. Users may purchase the Friendster Finder VIP Pack that places their profiles on top of search results, or select the Wall of Fame VAS to have their profile photograph featured on the Friendster Finder VIPs banner. Other VAS includes additional passes to indicate crushes, to reveal the profiles of their admirers or to find out the identities who have viewed their profiles.

The profile homepage is also further improved with more activity updates like friends’ status change and new social connections. Users can now post a comment or even share their pictures and videos, seamlessly.

Friendster was re-launched as a social gaming platform in May this year. The site offers free-to-play online games from eight different genres such as role-playing, strategy and simulations, users get to earn reward points for every activity; including adding and engaging with friends, playing games, or even simply logging in daily.

Malaysia-based MOL Global acquired Friendster back in December 2009, a deal rumored to be worth over US$100 million.

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