TM Offers Lelong Web Store to Malaysian SMEs

Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM) today inked a collaborative agreement with Interbase Resources Sdn. Bhd.; or famously known as to include’s Web Store feature in TM’s MARKETINGTools app.

TM-LelongMy-webstore[Richard Tan Azizi, Managing Director, (second from left) and Azizi A Hadi, Executive Vice President, SME, TM (second from right) exchanging documents at the signing ceremony for the enhancement of TM’s MARKETINGTools app while Wei Kwok Seing, Director, (first from left), and Mohamad Yusman Ammeran, General Manager, SME, TM (first from right) look on.]

Through this collaboration, Web Store will be offered as part of the complimentary services available in TM’s MARKETINGTools app; a bundled value added services comprising engagement tools and listing services which was launched earlier this year.

MARKETINGTools has two (2) main features which include an engagement tool where customers can send SMS via online platform through TM’s InfoBlast service; and also allows customers to leverage on online listing via its Internet Yellow Pages.

MARKETINGTools also offers subscribers two (2) complimentary services that include Web Store and complimentary business card printing for SMEs as part of the subscription premium.’s Web Store provides e-commerce solution that allows SMEs can set up their Web Store in minutes, with features to manage their online inventory, sales, invoicing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), shopping cart, online payment gateway, integration to Facebook, you-tube videos, coupons and many more, all ready to use immediately.

Via the collaboration, both TM and will be educating the SMEs on the importance of e-commerce through upcoming seminars which will be conducted at selected locations nationwide.

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