Malacca Becomes First Malaysian State To Pledge Zero Piracy

Business owners in Malacca have the opportunity to become big winners of an ever scrutinized landscape to grow their focus on expanding trade beyond its national shores, according to Y.A.B. Datuk Seri Hj. Mohd. Ali Bin Mohd Rustam, Chief Minister of Malacca.

Speaking at the launch of Malacca’s Zero Piracy campaign at the Melaka International Trade Center last week, Datuk Rustam highlighted the state’s strong performance against the challenging economic conditions and commitment towards supporting national transformation programmes through key public sector participation. Malacca is poised to be an important international business partner in pledging support towards eradicating stolen or illegal IT, he said in his keynote to an audience comprising media and business owners from Malacca.

“License Management Registry 360 (LMR30) is the first big step we’re taking towards a more competitive Malaysia. Through LMR360, companies can manage their own software, easily demonstrate their software compliance, and connect with buyers interested in doing business with ethical companies” said Mr. Roland Chan, Senior Director, Marketing, Asia Pacific BSA.

He further said, to move towards an innovation-driven economy, Malaysian businesses need to be compliant-ready as the expectation to be competitive and ethical becomes a key requirement to establish trust. For the first time, decision makers now have the tools to automate this process and allow businesses the ease of mind and security to focus on their business goals.

Maximising Software Investments Through Smart Management
Demonstrating legal IT has become a condition for doing business for many buyers and governments, and is required by accounting standards in many countries, making it imperative for companies to closely monitor their software use. License Management Registry 360, the first and only registry of its kind, works by providing companies a simple four-step process towards registration. Companies first create an account, list the software publishers and products that are deployed on their systems, enter corresponding entitlement information, and have a dedicated executive representative of the company approve the information to become an LMR360-Registered company. Companies can subsequently exercise real-time evaluation and control over company-wide software deployment and use, and manage licensing requirements when needed.

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