eBay Malaysia Website gets a Refresh

eBay announced a series of fresh new features and enhancements to its Malaysia website. The new site can be viewed at ebay.com.my/new.

[Jason Lee, Regional Director, Southeast Asia and Middle East (Right) and Gene Cleckley, Lead Manager, South East Asia Communications (Left) ]

The company said that the new eBay Malaysia website sports a cleaner and more contemporary look and feel. It’s also a more intuitive, convenient way for online customers to browse the biggest selection of new and fixed price merchandise – from electronics to fashion. As always, the website is safe and easy to use, offering sellers a number of payment options, including PayPal, credit card, debit card, online bank transfer and others.

The site now has a personal way to curate your own shopping experience and discover items, called the Feed. This feature creates the experience of an online personal shopper by matching customer interest with eBay’s global inventory. It’s similar to creating a news feed, but instead offers visual inspiration that’s instantly shoppable.

Malaysians can now buy from a pool of local listings, and over 25 million new global listings using ebay.com.my.

Additionally, streamlined navigation and headers on the new site provide an easy, consistent shopping experience. The platform also has “view item” pages, which offer bigger photos and key product information. Customers can also link their eBay and PayPal accounts to make check-out faster and easier.

“Welcome to the new eBay, the future of commerce,” commented Jason Lee, Regional Director, Southeast Asia and Middle East. “Our web shopping experience is unmatched and we are excited and proud to make these new features available in Malaysia.”

“In the next few years, the US$10 trillion global retail market will be transformed in terms of speed, access and overall experience. eBay will be at the forefront of this change, with tremendous growth taking place in South East Asia,” added  Lee.

The top three most popular shopping categories in Malaysia are: clothing and accessories; mobile phones and accessories; and toys. Interestingly, fashion and beauty products as well as sporting goods have been in high demand over the last 12 months.

eBay is also available on mobile via apps for Apple iOS, Android and Windows mobile devices.

eBay today by the numbers (worldwide):

  • 116 million active users
  • Nearly 25 million sellers; 400 million listings
  • Nearly 260 million daily searches
  • Approx. 60% of revenue is international; approx. 20% of merchandise volume is cross-border
  • 70% of items are new
  • eBay’s first app launched in July of 2008. eBay surpassed 100 million downloads in September
  • 1 million new customer accounts came to eBay via mobile in the first half of 2012
eBay Malaysia Website gets a Refresh 1
eBay Malaysia Website gets a Refresh 2
eBay Malaysia Website gets a Refresh 3
eBay Malaysia Website gets a Refresh 4
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