& Catcha Media merged in a RM60 million deal

Catcha Media Berhad yesterday confirmed that the final agreements with Youth Asia Sdn Bhd to merge certain assets with Says Sdn Bhd.

The announcement made at Bursa Malaysia formalizes the RM60 million merger that will see Catcha Media subsidiaries and come together to form one of the country’s largest digital advertising business.

Catcha Media Berhad had on 13 May 2013 entered into a term sheet with Youth Asia Sdn Bhd, owner of Says Sdn Bhd. On Thursday 11 July 2013 the definitive agreements in respect of that term sheet were announced as signed.

Catcha Media Berhad operates all Microsoft online properties in Malaysia, including MSN Malaysia, Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail, as well as the advertising space for

The company also has a stake in iCar Asia Ltd, an ASX listed company in Australia and currently publishes the following magazines including JUICE, Hanger, The Guide, Stuff, Stuff Chinese, Clive, Total Film, Fairways, Mint, Prestige, Adore, IDEAS, Idaman, HomePride, and Kitchen+Bathroom Magazine. is a ‘social news network”. It pays users to share sponsored contents via social networks.

Said Patrick Grove, CEO of Catcha Media Berhad of the new company’s plans: “The future of digital marketing in Malaysia is here and it looks like it is going to be enormous. Our teams have been meeting with several of the largest advertisers in the country, all of whom are extremely excited about the massive possibilities the new company presents to brands looking for a complete solution that can ride the crest of this unstoppable new media wave.”

Concurring, Khailee Ng, Co-founder and CEO of said: “I can’t think of anything more exciting or more relevant to today’s socially connected Malaysians. The new company is the next step in the evolution of digital advertising in Malaysia – brand communication that puts advertiser content at the centre of social attention and speaks directly to the new generation of consumers in a way that generates the most influence. We can’t wait to share the solutions that we have just begun to roll out.”

It is reported that Catcha Media currently records an estimated monthly reach of 8 million people and recording an estimated monthly reach of 6 million people. Collectively the companies service over 500 large clients, with brands like Petronas, Proton, Maybank, Maxis, MAS, Unilever, Samsung, Guinness Anchor and Carlsberg ranking amongst its biggest spenders. & Catcha Media merged in a RM60 million deal 1 & Catcha Media merged in a RM60 million deal 2 & Catcha Media merged in a RM60 million deal 3 & Catcha Media merged in a RM60 million deal 4 & Catcha Media merged in a RM60 million deal 5

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