Oracle Introduces New x86 Servers

Oracle Corporation, a leading IT solution provider, has launched its new x86 servers, based on the latest Intel Xeon processors E5-2600 v2 product family, for business organizations.

The Oracle’s new Sun Server X4-2, Sun Server X4-2L and Sun Blade X4-2B systems are now available in the market for a broad range of mission-critical business workloads, such as database, middleware and enterprise business workloads in virtualized environments, as well as high-density, clustered computing in an enterprise cloud environment.

“Oracle’s x86 servers are designed and optimized at each level of hardware and firmware to be the most reliable, highest performance systems for running Oracle software,” said Ali Alasti, senior vice president, Hardware Development, Oracle.

The new x86 servers can deliver up to 50 percent more compute power in the same power profile as the previous generation, making them among the most efficient x86 servers for Oracle software and other enterprise applications.

Also, the new servers offer additional customer value, allowing a choice of Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux and Oracle VM at no extra cost.

Oracle’s x86 servers include built-in server management tools, which can help customers reduce system administration cost and complexity. It features Oracle Advanced System Cooling, which uses cooling zones to help maximize airflow at lower fan speeds while minimizing power consumption.

“With comprehensive management and virtualization built-in, Oracle’s new x86 servers are ideal for a broad range of enterprise applications as standalone servers, while also providing building blocks for many Oracle Engineered Systems.”

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Oracle Introduces New x86 Servers 2
Oracle Introduces New x86 Servers 3
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