Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 launched in Malaysia

Trend Micro Malaysia has launched its new 2014 version of online security. The Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 is the latest iteration of the flagship all-in-one security solution, equipped with Web-threat protection that identifies and blocks dangerous links in websites, social networks, emails and instant messaging. It also detects spam emails containing phishing scams that can trick users into revealing private personal information.

[L-R: Terrence Tang Senior Director of Consumer Business, APAC Center Sales and Marketing, Trend Micro, Cedric Lim, Consumer Sales Manager, Trend Micro(Malaysia), Andrew Tan, Product Marketing Manager (Consumer), Southeast Asia, Trend Micro, and Lisa Chong, Marketing Manager of Consumer Business, Trend Micro (Malaysia).]

“Trend Micro encourages the building of safer digital social cultures, and aims to enable everyone to protect their digital lives,” said Andrew Tan, Product Marketing Manager (Consumer), Southeast Asia, Trend Micro. “More than just ensuring safe surfing habits, the Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 offers consumers all-in-one, all-rounded protection against identity thefts, viruses and other online threats automatically so they can enjoy their online experiences safely and with a peace of mind.”

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 features:

  • Privacy Protection for Facebook, Twitter, and Google +. Titanium Security features an exclusive Privacy Scanner for social media, which identifies privacy settings that may leave your personal information publicly available and vulnerable to identity theft. Privacy protection is now extended beyond Facebook to Twitter and Google+.
  • Social Networking Security (SNS) Protection. Titanium Security provides protection from threats you may encounter from malicious links in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Mixi, and Sina Weibo—the broadest and most effective SNS protection available on the market for consumers today.
  • Clear Warning. Our SNS proactively warns you when a link is bad by highlighting it in red. When it’s a safe link, it’s highlighted in green. You can also mouse over a link to get real-time details about its safety from our Web Threat Protection servers.
  • Warn a Friend. Titanium Security even allows you to easily and quickly inform your Facebook friends when it identifies a malicious link, so they can delete it from their Facebook page.
  • Data Theft Prevention (DTP). DTP lets you stop specific data, such as email accounts or credit card numbers, from being shared in outward bound email or online forms.
  • Secure Erase lets you overwrite and delete data from your disk, so it can’t be recovered.
  • Vault lets you encrypt data on your hard drive and remotely lock it up if your laptop lost or stolen; when the device is found you can then unlock that data.
  • Trend Micro DirectPass is a standalone product bundled with Titanium Maximum Security that lets you protect and manage all your logins and passwords safely. It uses a single master password and works across Windows and Mac desktops and laptops, as well as Android and iOS tablets and smartphones. DirectPass also provides a Secure Browser, for use with online banking and financial websites, which encrypts all your keystrokes, so they can’t be stolen by keyloggers.
  • Trend Micro SafeSync is a standalone product bundled with Titanium Maximum Security that lets you back up and sync all your data to a secure cloud, to ensure you have it should your hard drive crash. It also provides the ability to access it across Windows and Mac desktops and laptops, as well sa Android and iOS tablets.
  • Parental Controls let you restrict your kids’ usage of the Internet and prevent them from visiting inappropriate websites. Functions include program restrictions, which can be set by schedule; safe search filtering, which helps prevent adult content from appearing in search results; and blocking of untested websites, to increase security when browsing.
  • Online Guardian. For parents who want to know exactly what their children are doing online, there’s Trend Micro™ Online Guardian – a standalone product bundled with Titanium Maximum Security. Online Guardian is a complete monitoring and reporting solution adding deeper oversight and visibility into specific social networking sites, as well as instant messaging programs, beyond simple parental controls.
  • Screen Reader – Screen Reader support is now available for visually-impaired users.
  • Intensive Scan Switch – Automatically increases the protection level only when you need it – for intensive scans when your computer is infected.
  • Search Results Rating – When you conduct a search on the internet the search results give you a list of URLs, proactively highlighted.
  • Manual URL/Link Scanner – As with SNS, when you hover your mouse over a link in search results, the manual link scanner rates the safety and reputation of any links on the web page.
  • Enhanced Malware Cleanup – Titanium Security has always been tops in preventing infections, but now it has been enhanced to help repair and clean up computers that have already been infected, prior to installation. Both its normal scan and its severe malware removal tools such as Rootkit Buster, Anti-Theft Tool Kit / Clean Boot, and Rescue Disk have expanded anti-malware features.
  • Mobile Security for Android – Titanium Security Maximum Security include Trend Micro Mobile Security for protection of your Android devices.
  • Windows 8 compatibility – Titanium Security 2014 is fully compatible with Microsoft’s Windows 8 RT and Pro operating systems. Trend Micro SafeGuard, Security Center, and Go Everywhere are apps specifically designed for Windows 8 desktop and tablets users, available for free on the Windows app store. (See below.)
  • Mountain Lion OS compatibility – Titanium Internet Security for Mac 3.0 is fully compatible with Apple’s Mountain Lion MacOS, version 10.9.
  • Trend Micro SafeGuard is a secure browser for Windows 8 that has security technology built right in. It provides you with a safer browsing experience by including safe search results ratings, social networking security, and more. Browse the web without worry with Trend Micro SafeGuard.
  • Trend Micro Security Center delivers current information about malware outbreaks in your area, offering insights into dangerous websites and malicious file downloads to avoid near you. For Trend Micro™ Titanium Security™ customers, it also provides up-to date information about your protection status. Surf the web knowing your protection is current and what sites to avoid with Trend Micro Security Center.
  • Trend Micro Go Everywhere protects your Windows 8 tablet from loss or theft. Locate your tablet if lost or stolen with just one click. You can find your missing device on a worldwide Google map or sound a 1-minute alarm. Wherever you misplaced your tablet, Trend Micro Go Everywhere has got you covered.

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 is available today from all leading IT retailers and Trend Micro Website at the recommended retail price of RM109 for 1 device and RM159 for 3 devices.

There is also the Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2014 which is available at a recommended retail price of RM109 for 3 devices.

Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 launched in Malaysia 1
Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 launched in Malaysia 2
Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 launched in Malaysia 3
Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 launched in Malaysia 4
Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 launched in Malaysia 5

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