Asus RT-AC87U & Asus RT-N18U wireless routers now available in Malaysia

Asus today announces the availability of its latest range of wireless routers for the Malaysian market – the Asus RT-AC87U and RT-N18U.

ASUS RT-AC87U price at RM1199

Asus’s RT-AC87U is the world’s first four-transmit, four-receive (4×4) antenna configured AC2400 class dual-band gigabit wireless router employed with multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) technology. This allows users to improve floor coverage and enjoy lag-free network experience at the same time. 

ASUS RT-N18U price at RM409

Whereas, RT-N18U is a high-powered 2.4GHz 802.11n Wi-Fi router with USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports plus Gigabit Ethernet connectivity for discerning home users. Incorporated with TurboQAM technology, RT-N18 can boost network speeds of up to 600Mbit/s enhancing users’ multitasking performance for multimedia applications, such as HD video streaming, online gaming and file sharing.

Currently, the router sales division contributes up to 20 per cent of Asus OPBG’s overall revenue in Malaysia.  “We are eyeing to sell more than thousands units of high performance wireless routers inclined with the forecasted users’ demands to support their growing network access requirements,” according to Jacky Lim, Country Manager of Open Platform Business Group (OPBG) at Asus Malaysia.

He further shares, “As more device share the sharing the available wireless bandwidth under the same wireless network, data congestion happens and impacts on the user experience. Standard routers easily become overloaded and thus leading to device instability, lags and slowdowns.”

“Therefore the RT-AC87U and RT-N18U are most ideal for home and small business users who are looking for more effective alternatives to increase their speed to access network and data,” he says.

The RT-AC87U is also the first Asus wireless router embedded with security capability which offers consumers protection over their connected devices via a safe access to the networks.

“Built-in with exclusive Trend Micro technology—AiProtection, RT-AC87U wireless router becomes an additional security layer to safeguard all connected devices from malware, malicious websites and other cyber-threats, while ensuring user privacy by keeping a constant check on network security status,” says Lim.

He adds that using a security-enabled WiFi route is especially important as today there are more devices in household, such as Smart TV, game console and more, are connected on Internet-based network.

“Consumers cannot install security software to protect every single home device or to update the firmware security patches one by one. Plus, security update is not available for existing Windows XP users. These connected devices at home are exposed to internet-based threats.”

“RT-AC87U recognizes the increasing complexity and diversity of wireless networks. With a security gateway, RT-AC87U assures the users with a network-wide protection for multi-devices environment,” adds Lim.

Lim adds, “To encourage more uptake of private Cloud storage for better personal data management, Asus Malaysia is giving away new Asus routers’ buyers with 100GB complimentary storage on Asus AiCloud. The complimentary storage promotion applies to all AC-class and N-series routers’ purchases.”

“Asus AiCloud lets users to sync, share and stream their photos, videos, files and other data from router to any connected desktop, notebook and storage devices on the go. Its Router-to-Router Sync is a unique function that facilitates synchronisation between the storage devices with other compatible Asus routers.”

Other advanced features of all Asus wireless routers include Enhanced Media Server and Download Master for download and streaming, Parental Control for network usage monitoring, PRO Quality-of-Service (QoS) for bandwidth prioritisation, 3G/4G sharing and more.

Both RT-AC87U and RT-N18U wireless routers are now available nationwide starting from November 2014 at RM1199 and RM409 respectively.

[Download PDF] Specifications of Asus RT-AC87U and Asus RT-N18U wireless routers

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