iPro LIVEPAD 8.9 tablet runs Windows 8.1, price at RM749

The iPro LIVEPAD 8.9 tablet is now available in Malaysia.


Powered by the Intel AtomTM Z3735F Quad-Core processor and running on Windows 8.13, the LIVEPAD 8.9 (16GB) features an 8.9 inch (1920 x 1200) HD display; ideal for both casual gaming and productivity work including word and image processing. The tablet is supported by an 8000mAh battery and 2GB RAM.

“We are proud to present our very first 8.9 inch tablet based on Intel and hope that our customers will be blown away by the full Windows 8.13 PC experience in its slim, streamlined form factor,” said Daniel Chia, Head of Sales & Marketing IPRO Mobile (M) Sdn Bhd. “It was a joy to work with Intel and Microsoft to bring this tablet to market. We intend to aim high and are confident of introducing newer and greater products for consumers both inside and outside of Malaysia.”

The 16GB version of the iPro LIVEPAD 8.9 tablet is now priced at RM749, available at Plaza Low Yat (Malaysia).

“We are working closely in cooperation with local tech players such as iPro Mobile to bring new devices and innovation to market in Malaysia. The LivePad 8.9 is an excellent example of how Intel based tablets provide on the go utility and entertainment that fits the mobile lifestyle of consumers,” said Sumner Lemon, Country Manager Intel Malaysia and Singapore. “We congratulate iPro on the launch of this exciting device and look forward to working together to bring a wider portfolio of products based on Intel technology to market in Malaysia.”

“We’re pleased to continue supporting local OEMs in offering a wide assortment of Windows tablets for every need, desire and budget in Malaysia market. Our partnership with companies such as IPRO only underscores our commitment to do so,” said Rukmani Subramanian, Chief Marketing and Operations Officer, Microsoft Malaysia. “It’s fantastic to play a strategic role with IPRO launching their very first Windows tablet today. With the LIVEPAD 8.9, users can now enjoy the Windows 8.1 experience, with the opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10 for free later this year. As a Windows tablet, LIVEPAD 8.1 has the portability to keep you productive and free to roam with your movies, music, games, email and web just a click away. Users of LIVEPAD 8.9 get a free one-year subscription of Office 365 Personal that includes Power Point, Word, Excel, OneNote plus 1 terabyte of cloud storage through OneDrive – therefore enabling customers to do more and be more in today’s digital era.”

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