F-Secure acquires nSense

F-Secure announced that it has acquired nSense early this month- a privately held Danish company providing security consultations, vulnerability assessment services and related products to large enterprises.



The IT security vendor said that the acquisition strengthens F-Secure’s position as a prominent security vendor in Europe, and lays a foundation for the company’s growth as a cybersecurity leader in the region.

nSense provides protection services to financial institutions, service providers and other large enterprises, and F-Secure’s acquisition of the company will add these services to its own security solutions. According to F-Secure CEO Christian Fredrikson, the combined portfolio will allow F-Secure to provide top-tier incident response and forensic expertise, comprehensive vulnerability assessment, and threat intelligence and security management services to enterprises and businesses with critical IT infrastructure.

“Information security threats are becoming more stealthy, sophisticated and complex, and we need to be able to provide services that help our customers prevent potential threats from becoming security incidents,” said Fredrikson. “nSense’s cybersecurity products and services help us expand into new industry segments and strengthen our capabilities to address the attack detection and prevention needs of enterprises. Adding their expertise to our own will allow us to develop new cybersecurity products, and we look forward to providing these to our customers to address their current and future security needs.”

“Becoming a part of F-Secure gives us the possibility to grow and expand to new markets much more quickly while we benefit from each other’s technical know-how and intelligence,” said nSense’s CEO Jens Thonke. “We have worked with F-Secure for a long time and know each other well. We join their fellowship knowing they share our passion for security and digital freedom.”

nSense’s vulnerability scanning solution, named Karhu, is actively used in leading financial institutions, service providers and other large enterprises. According to Fredrikson, offering solutions like these to businesses will help F-Secure continue to grow into becoming Europe’s leading cybersecurity provider.

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