[Tips] How to maximise smartphone battery life

Below are some tips for you to save smartphone battery life.

Display- This is one of the power hogging beasts of your phone. If possible, always use automatic brightness if you have that option under Display in the Settings menu. Also set your screen timeout to around 30 seconds to 1 minute.

WiFi and 3G- Switch off your mobile Internet and WiFi connections when you don’t need them. Do this especially if you are in a location where the phone connection is not stable.

Check battery usage- Android phones have a built-in battery usage checker in it. Head over to Settings, ‘About phone’ and then tap on Battery Use to check it out. As for iPhone and BlackBerry users, just download a third party app to monitor your phone’s battery.

Android background Live wallpapers- These live wallpapers use more of your smartphone processing power. Consider ditching live wallpapers and go for static ones. Also, darker static wallpapers consume less power.

GPS- You don’t need it on all the time unless you are using Maps or checking into your favourite places with Foursquare.

Update all apps- Normally, apps often get updated to use less battery power. For Android users, head to Play, hit the menu key and select My Apps to look for updates. For iOS users, go to your App Store and hit Update. Don’t forget to update the Android or iOS itself.

Remove unused apps- If you happen to have a lot of apps in your phone, chances are that there are a lot of apps that you no longer use. Some of these apps runs in the background, not only it uses the battery but slows down the phone too. Uninstall or disable these apps.

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