Surah Yasin Dalam Bahasa Melayu

Book of guidance is the supreme book, which entails the complete package of spending life. To preserve the divinity of Quran it has been revealed in Arabic, which was the language of Arabic peninsula for easy comprehension. Islam is a widely known and widely spread religion having followers from the entire globe. The dominant part of the Muslims apart forms Arabic and gulf countries are in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Islamic narrations and teachings have highlighted the imperativeness of few Surahs in Quran, which award recitors with virtues and embed in its verses divinity for the followers. Surah Yasin being the heart of Quran is reverend it its verses hence every Muslim wants to learn and memorize it with translation.

Download Surah Yasin Bahasa Melayu

Surah Yasin Bahasa Melayu is an android app designed for the speakers of Malay language that contain Surah with translation in Malay language along audio recitation in the soul imparting voices of renowned Qari like Mishray Rashid Al Afasy and Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais. The part of the App which makes it a worth downloading is the benefits that it encodes explaining the spiritual blessings of this Surah and its celestial nature. Recitation of Surah Yaseen otherwise is equivalent to the recitation of Quran 10 times [Tirmidhi] making it a must download for those who are Malay users and wants to extract Allah’s blessings in no time.