Review: BlackBerry Priv

What I think about the BlackBerry Priv:

Look & Feel: The Priv is a really good looking smartphone. It has a metal-framed display on the front with a rubberised carbon weave back cover (with a BlackBerry logo). Its a pricey flagship phone but built quality is plastic (very little metal or glass). Despite being a slider phone, BlackBerry has managed to keep the phone thin, but its slightly heavy though, at 192 g.

Screen: The display on the BlackBerry Priv is similar to the one on Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. The 5.4″inch curved AMOLED screen is elegant and gorgeous. The Battery Edge feature allows you to quickly view your phone’s charge status even when it’s sleeping, without having to wake up the device.

Lightning Review: BlackBerry Priv, a rare Android slider smartphone

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