Opera Browser now with ad-blocking feature, built in

Opera for computers is launching an integrated ad-blocking feature in its newest developer version, out today – the first major PC browser to do so.

Once enabled, the ad-blocking feature speeds up webpage load times by as much as 90%, compared to browsing with the option disabled.

The integrated ad-blocking technology also gives on average a 40% faster browsing experience compared to third-party ad-blocking extensions. The improved performance is possible since the filtering happens at the web-engine level, where the browser can fully control the loading process of the webpage – something extensions can’t do.

How the integrated ad-blocking feature works

Since the ad-blocking feature, available in the developer version of Opera for computers, is fully integrated with the browser, no additional download of extensions or plug-ins is necessary.

While browsing, users can easily choose to enable ad-blocking by selecting the dialog option.

In addition to the simple on-off button, the ad-blocking feature comes with a benchmark, so users, web developers and publishers can see how much ads and tracking software affect page-loading times. Users can also monitor their browsing by the day, week and total number of blocked ads.

About ad blocking

In recent years, the increasing number of online ads has become one of the major annoyances of web browsing, driving more and more people to use ad-blocking software. The number of people using ad-blocking tools grew by 41% worldwide and by 48% in the United States between Q2 2014 and Q2 2015, with 98% of those users being on PCs.