webe coming soon: Join the pre-launch campaign now

webe, Telekom Malaysia Berhad’s (TM) digital mobility services arm, announced its pre-launch marketing campaign, called ‘850 by webe’, to engage the consumers ahead of the launch of its commercial plans.


Consumers can now download the “webe850” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play to join in the competition for RM6 million worth of prizes, including a full year of free data and the chance to be among the first on webe’s new mobile network.

But there’s a twist: consumers who win rewards can choose between keeping the rewards they won, or giving it to their friends by sharing a unique QR code on their social platforms. The first friend to scan that QR code will be able to enjoy the benefits of that reward.

Lai Shu Wei, Chief Marketing Officer, webe said the 850 by webe campaign gives users a taste of the new mobility brand’s philosophy and excitement even before products are officially launched.

“When we announced webe in April, many were surprised we weren’t launching any plans yet. This was intentional. We want to do things differently – not charge into the market with gigabytes, price plans and contracts. We have no interest in being the “no 5” telco or “just another telco.” In line with TM Group’s aspiration, we aim to be Malaysia’s true Convergence Champion – differentiating ourselves from the pack by providing a holistic convergence service,” said Lai.

“Today, we’re something entirely different. We want to engage consumers differently – we want members, not customers. And as a brand we want to touch on the communal energy in Malaysia to make positive change happen in Malaysia. This is why we designed the 850 by webe campaign to be centered around not just getting rewards, but giving rewards back to your community,” he added.

“Joining the campaign is easy. All consumers have to do is download the mobile app, and they can immediately engage in the campaign and unlock many rewards and prizes all through an app as well as share their rewards with their friends,” he said.

Simply by downloading the webe850 app and joining the campaign, including: a private Island getaway, a private car and chauffeur for a year, and a castle stay. On top of that, more than 100 winners will get the chance to win one year’s worth of free data.

The festivities kick off with the Amazing Maze at Sunway Pyramid Blue Concourse on 11 – 16 May 2016, where participants can enter the maze, be given one minute to scan and start winning amazing prizes.

Through the webe850 app, users will score points and receive rewards that will be stored on a virtual wallet. By playing games on the webe850 app, and engaging in activities, consumers will be able to amass a higher number of points that will give them the opportunity to unlock bigger and better rewards. The highest scoring consumers stand a chance to be the first on webe’s new mobility network. Ultimately, users will be able to decide whether they want to keep their rewards, or give them back to their community of friends on their social networks.

“The most recent studies all show a change in consumer habits and Malaysians being the most voracious consumers of mobile data. Thus, it’s only natural as we get ready to open up our mobility network, to give consumers a chance to participate with us and engage as a community to unlock great rewards,” said Lai.

‘850 by webe’ will last for seven (7) weeks, with each week offering different activities and rewards. To find out more, visit the webe website.

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