Facebook at Work is now Workplace, $3 per user

After almost two years as a pilot project, Facebook has now launched its enterprise-grade social network for all companies.

During its beta phase, Facebook at Work, which today is being rebranded as Workplace, has been adopted by more than 1,000 invited companies, including Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS), Heineken, Telenor, and Hootsuite. Taking on incumbents such as Microsoft’s Yammer and Slack, Facebook now hopes to do for corporate communications what it has done for interpersonal networking around the world. It has built a service completely separate from the main Facebook experience, with its own branded app, and enterprise-focused features including single sign-on (SSO) access.

In addition to Facebook’s signature features—like its News Feed, Messenger chat, and trending stories—Workplace users get custom analytics tools and the ability to integrate the platform into the rest of their corporate IT.

The company revealed a tiered pricing structure based on the number of active users a company has — it will be $3 per user each month up to 1,000 users, before dropping to $2 for up to 10,000 users and then $1 for everyone above that.

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