Fitbit’s Fitstar Personal Trainer app redesigned

Fitstar by Fitbit launched a brand-new app experience featuring tailored workouts and recommendations based on user’s Fitstar and Fitbit activities.

Fitbit's Fitstar Personal Trainer app redesigned 1

For the first time, Fitstar will provide a range of recommended workouts based user’s activities tracked with a Fitbit device and deliver them right to Fitbit and Fitstar Personal Trainer apps. Fitbit users will see these workouts in the new “Guidance” tab coming soon to the Fitbit app, and Fitstar users will find them in the “recommended workouts section” of their dashboard. With this feature, if a user runs five miles wearing a Fitbit device, Fitstar might suggest a customized Fitstar Personal Trainer session that rests the legs and focuses on abs and arms. All users, both those who track or don’t track activities with a Fitbit device, will also receive workout recommendations in both apps based on the sessions people in similar demographics are doing. 

The redesigned Fitstar Personal Trainer app experience includes:

  • Recommended workouts: Fitstar will recommend workouts based on your daily activity tracked with a Fitbit device in the new “Guidance” tab, providing customized fitness guidance to better help you reach your goals.
  • Two certified personal trainers: Choose between Adrian and Lea who will guide you on your fitness journey. You can decide who motivates you more and switch between the two personalities as you see fit.
  • Fitstar Radio: Personalize your workout soundtrack with Fitstar Radio, which offers several popular music stations from Pop to Hip Hop to motivate you while you exercise.
  • New look and feel: A new, redesigned look and feel provides a fresh and inspiring exercise experience that you can view on a wide variety of formats, from mobile phones to the latest high-def TVs.
  • More moves: An expanded library of new bodyweight and cardio exercises for every fitness level, with more to be added regularly.

Fitstar Personal Trainer is available worldwide in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. The app is accessible via WiFi on iOS devices, Android phones, and online; it also works with Chromecast and Airplay.

  • Fitstar Personal Trainer Premium provides access to unlimited personalized workouts and the entire Freestyle catalog for RM34.90/month or RM167.90/year.
  • Fitstar Personal Trainer Basic provides access to two “Get Moving” customized sessions per week and some Freestyle workouts for free.
  • The app can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play, as well as accessed online.
Fitbit's Fitstar Personal Trainer app redesigned 2
Fitbit's Fitstar Personal Trainer app redesigned 3
Fitbit's Fitstar Personal Trainer app redesigned 4
Fitbit's Fitstar Personal Trainer app redesigned 5
Fitbit's Fitstar Personal Trainer app redesigned 6

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