7 Reasons to Get the New Galaxy A Series (2017)

7 Reasons to Get the New Galaxy A Series (2017) 1

1. Celebrate Non-stop in Rain or Shine
These days, the weather gets unpredictable. If you are suddenly caught in the rain, you will have a peace of mind knowing that your new Samsung Galaxy A Series (2017) will remain operational, unscathed even in the rain. How? This is the first Galaxy A Series that is rated IP68, making it resistant to dust and water, for those carefree Chinese New year house visits, rain or shine! That way, you don’t have to worry about the gloomy skies and the sounds of thunder.  Celebrate non-stop this Chinese New Year!

2. No TV, No Problem
With kids constantly switching to Disney Channel, don’t be sad if you don’t get the chance to hold the TV remote to catch up on your favourite Hong Kong drama. Be the master of your own entertainment and stream your favourite festive contents this Chinese New Year using your new Galaxy A Series (2017) which now sports a Full HD Super AMOLED Display. The Galaxy A Series (2017) boasts vivid 5.7-inch (A7) and 5.2-inch (A5) Super AMOLED screen displays for your non-stop entertainment, so you never miss an episode of your favourite TV series wherever you are. Maybe, just maybe, your younger nephews and nieces will start to inch closer to you and join you, mesmerised by the smartphone screen’s vivid display!

3. #FestiveSelfies, #OOTD & #CNYHoChiak
Take that family wefie during Reunion Dinner with the whole family gathering around the table. Sneak in a shameless selfie or two with gorgeous #OOTDs, or dive deeper into your inner photographer and start taking pictures of mouth-watering CNY dishes to fill your #CNY2017 photo album. With 16 preloaded filters inside, your Instagram page will be Instafamous in no time! The Samsung Galaxy A Series (2017) comes equipped with 16MP front and rear camera with f1.9 lens and Light+ feature that can help you snap all those precious moments even in lowlight conditions. Instantly share these photos on Facebook, and get started on tagging your many family members!

4.    No Cash, No Worries
Seeing your closest relatives and cousins this Chinese New Year? How about taking your little cousins out to the nearest shopping mall, and buy them a meal when they least expect an unplanned surprise? Now, with Samsung Pay, payments are never the same again! Just swipe up on your Galaxy A device, select your preferred payment card, authenticate with your fingerprint or PIN number, and tap the device on the payment terminal! Make secure and convenient mobile payments anywhere and look cool doing it while the rest of the queue looks on enviously!

5.  Style You Can Afford
To add a touch of style, the Samsung Galaxy A Series (2017) with its premium build can definitely add some sparkle to your festive get-up. The Gold Sand model radiates youth and prosperity whilst the Black Sky is a colour option that exudes a mysteriously classy and elegant aura. Measuring at 7.9mm thin, this slim device can fit into any pocket and look dashing on any palm! Now when relatives ask you what’s new, whip out your Galaxy A Series (2017) and wave it like the fashionista that you are!

6. Powering You Through The Day
Family visits are part of the CNY trend. You’ll continue from one house to the other, and the next thing you know, your power bank is almost drained and you’re scrambling to find a power outlet to recharge your device. Fret not because the Samsung Galaxy A Series (2017) comes with bigger batteries and supports fast charging! Just plug in your device to a power source and be amazed at how quickly your battery power restores just so that the device can keep you company throughout the day. The Galaxy A7 (2017) comes with 3,600mAh while the Galaxy A5 (2017) comes with 3,000mAh battery capacity.

7. More Space, More Memories
With dozens of people to celebrate this Chinese New Year with, naturally you would worry if your smartphone will run out space when it comes to capturing great moments. With the new Samsung Galaxy A Series (2017), get expandable storage of up to 256GB to fit all your memories (and silly selfies with family and friends) into a single, handy device. That’s right, there’s no need to free up some space. Keep all your favourite memories on the go!

The new Galaxy A Series (2017) is available at all Samsung brand stores nationwide from 25th January 2017 onwards at a recommended retail price of RM1,899 (Galaxy A7 2017) and RM1,699 (Galaxy A5 2017) inclusive of GST.

7 Reasons to Get the New Galaxy A Series (2017) 2
7 Reasons to Get the New Galaxy A Series (2017) 3
7 Reasons to Get the New Galaxy A Series (2017) 4
7 Reasons to Get the New Galaxy A Series (2017) 5
7 Reasons to Get the New Galaxy A Series (2017) 6

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