Digi Infinity 80 Unlimited Plan Discontinued

Digi has quietly discontinued Digi Postpaid 80 Infinite plan despite the offer was originally supposed to end on 24th June 2017.

Digi Infinity 80 Unlimited Plan Discontinued 1

The plan offers Unlimited calls to all networks and 300 SMS (to all networks). The plan also comes with Unlimited Internet for smartphone usage. The Telco also offered Free Digi’s Hotspot Pass for the first 10,000 subscriptions on Digi Postpaid 80 Infinite for first 12 months and first 5GB/month.

At the point of posting this, Digi Infinite 150 plan is still available for sign up.

Last week, Digi said both offers are for a limited time until 24 June 2017 (Cached page).

After terminating the Digi Infinite 80 plan today , Digi changed the NOTES on its website: “Limited time promo! Sign up before 24th June 2017 or until such period to be determined by Digi.” -[Link]

Perhaps Digi Infinite 80 is the the Shortest-Lived Product in Digi’s history.


1. Why Digi changed its mind within week after launching such good postpaid plan?

2. Did 10,000 people signed up?

3. Digi’s product team made a mistake? or

4. The network could not handle those unlimited data usage?

What do you think?

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