Unifi Lite Plan RM149 – 10Mbps download speed, No HyppTV set-top box?

Telekom Malaysia appears to be quietly offering a new Unifi Lite plan at RM149/month (excluding GST) with 10Mbps download speed and 5Mbps upload speed.

According to technology news portal Amanz, the plan also comes with 600 minutes of free local calls (called Voice STD 20) and access to HyppTV Everywhere app.

It also appears for the first time, this new Unifi plan will not come with the HyppTV set-top box for IPTV.

TM has offered a similar 10Mbps plan in the past called Unifi VIP 10 Plan (10Mbps upload speed, 10Mbps download speed) with the HyppTV set-top box (and HyppTV Everywhere) at RM199 a month. The price difference between Unifi VIP 10 and the Unifi Lite plan is RM50.

In the past year, Telekom Malaysia has been encouraging its broadband users to upgrade to its latest Unifi plans with a minimum speed of 30Mbps at RM199/month (excluding GST).

The UniFi Advance and Pro plans have some 509,000 customers to date, translating to 54% of its total UniFi customer base. There are a total 949,000 Unifi customers which means 46% of Unifi users are still on the 10Mbps and 5Mbps plan.

Perhaps a new Unifi Pro Lite plan at 5Mbps coming soon? #BacktothePast

P.s: Streamyx 8Mbps cost RM160/month with HyppTV Set-Top-Box.

[Source]- Amanz

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