iFleet Launches RM1 Million Fleet Transformation Fund for SMEs

iFleet announced today the launch of its RM1 Million Fleet Transformation Fund for enterprises. The fund seeks to help enterprises digitise their business in the area of fleet management, leveraging on iFleet – a B2B solution targeted at commercial vehicles. The intelligent fleet tracking solution enables businesses to track their fleet in real-time and is currently the most robust all-in-one solution available in the market.

ifleet 1 million fund

SMEs registered in Malaysia with a fleet size of up to 30 vehicles are encouraged to apply to the fund, which will be open for applications from 18 December 2017 to 31 March 2018. Interested parties can simply apply at the iFleet website.

Apart from logistics, any SMEs that require the managing of cars, bikes, trucks, vans and more are encouraged to apply. This includes, but are not limited to SMEs in construction, engineering, government, healthcare, non-profit organisations, plumbing, pest control, security, rental car companies, transportation, delivery, medical or emergency services, runners and messenger bikes.

Successful applicants will receive up to RM10,000 in total subsidy amount for the installation of iFleet in their vehicles and also a subsidy towards the subscription of iFleet services. With iFleet, enterprises can look forward to reap the benefits of having more visibility and control over operations and assets, as well as secure the freedom to focus on running their business. iFleet also helps in meeting required regulatory safety standards, credibility, efficiency and safety, which in turn aids in upscaling businesses.

“We want to encourage SMEs to apply for the RM1 Million Transformation Fund because we believe this is the core audience where we can make the most difference in terms of business impact for participants. Being more efficient in running your fleet means maximising usage of your current fleet to improve arrival times, and possibly taking on more jobs without increasing the number of vehicles you own,” said Praveen Rajan, Chief Digital Officer for Digi.

“The benefits can also be calculated as money saved, as well as the ease of using our service to relieve administrative jobs from the Fleet Manager and the time this will save,” he added.

iFleet is available to all Malaysian enterprises interested in leveraging digital technology as a competitive advantage for their business, at an affordable RM90/vehicle fee for the all-in-one fleet tracking solution.

iFleet is the ideal B2B solution for commercial vehicles, edging out competing solutions for many reasons:

  • All inclusive solution that takes care of hardware, software and connectivity at one go
  • Advanced tracking technology providing greater fleet insights to improve business productivity
  • Driver behaviour insights and scoring to instill safe driving culture
  • A continuously evolving value-added solution introducing features beyond tracking, such as smart fuel management and usage-based insurance (UBI) ready to name a few
  • Only one monthly fee for a full spectrum of services from installation, maintenance to replacement of parts, to overcome operating challenges and trim fleet expenses

For more on iFleet and the RM1 Million Fleet Transformation Fund, visit: this link.

iFleet Launches RM1 Million Fleet Transformation Fund for SMEs 1
iFleet Launches RM1 Million Fleet Transformation Fund for SMEs 2
iFleet Launches RM1 Million Fleet Transformation Fund for SMEs 3
iFleet Launches RM1 Million Fleet Transformation Fund for SMEs 4
iFleet Launches RM1 Million Fleet Transformation Fund for SMEs 5

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