Digi’s 4G Network getting slower, poor Coverage as well

Based on my personal experience, the Digi 4G LTE network is getting slower and slower.

This was my speedtest this morning taken at a cafe in PV128, Setapak.

Where is Digi’s consistent 10Mbps as it claims? Recently, I hardly get 10Mbps most of the time.

In January 2018, Digi said “…it upgraded 4,100 sites (base stations) nationwide with 4G LTE, allowing subscribers to enjoy 4G connections more than 91% of the time and around 10Mbps, at 80% of the time. Digi said 4G LTE and LTE-A network coverage reached 87% and 55% of population backed by over 8,000KM of fiber network nationwide.

In reality, in the real world, Digi’s usable 4G LTE coverage would only be around 30%-40% for me.

I am very disappointed with Digi’s coverage. Almost everywhere I go, there’s poor Digi 4G LTE coverage- my home, the mall, the restaurants. Switching manually to 3G gives me better signal but slower speeds.

Poor coverage = Slower Internet = Kills Smartphone Battery Life.

In my opinion, Digi has poorly deployed its 4G network. At areas where Digi claims to have 4G coverage, the signal is weak and slow. There also areas in KL where Digi has zero 4G LTE coverage, this is sad.

Digi should stop claiming that it has the best 4G LTE network as Maxis clearly has a bigger and faster 4G network. Celcom may not have better 4G coverage compared to Digi (on paper) but Celcom has deployed its 4G coverage better than Digi. Celcom 4G works well (most of the time for me) where it has coverage.

Digi may have one of the best mobile plans out there but it is becoming the worst network, again.

Time to fix your network Digi.

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