Nvidia GeForce Game Ready 391.24 WHQL-certified drivers released

Nvidia has released its GeForce Game Ready 391.24 WHQL-certified drivers, bringing optimizations for the Rare-developed Sea of Thieves that launched earlier today, as well as two new filters for Nvidia Freestyle: Old Film and Tilt-Shift.

However, this release primarily focuses on fixing several bugs and issues introduced with past versions, including the promised fix for Oculus Rift. Here’s everything that’s fixed:

  • [HTC Vive][Oculus Rift]: The VR headset stops working after several launches of the application or after resume from system Hibernate mode.
  • [NVIDIA Freestyle]: NVIDIA Freestyle not enabled for supported games.
  • [Media Player Classic Home Cinema]: When launching a video, the system stutters momentarily.
  • [G-SYNC]: Alt-tabbing windowed games with G-SYNC enabled and V-Sync ON in-game causes stuttering and drop in frame rate.
  • [Firefox]: Driver TDR error may occur when using Firefox.
  • [Notebook][Surface Laptop]:Blue-screen crash may occur when installing the driver.
  • [Volta GPU]: The display flickers continuously after disabling and enabling the GPU using Device Manager, or when rebooting the system
  • [GeForce GTX 1060][Rise of Tomb Raider]: Flickering/corruption occurs when opening the in-game options UI.