Uncertified Android devices being blocked from using Google apps

Android users with an uncertified device will now be prevented from signing into their Google account, according to XDA-Developers.

The move tightens up Google’s efforts to prevent non-certified devices from pre-installing its apps, because some OEMs were skipping Google’s Compatibility Test Suite and then claiming that Google Play apps and services can be sideloaded later.

As noted by Android Police, the OEMs were abusing a feature intended for custom Android ROM users to flash Google Play and Google Play Services.

The uncertified device now displays a message during setup, saying: “Device is not certified by Google”, and then cuts off access to other core Google applications such as Gmail, Chrome, Maps, YouTube, and so on.

If that happens, the user’s only option is to appeal to the phonemaker in the hope they will submit to Google’s certification.

The message also warns manufacturers they need a license to distribute Google’s apps and services.