Current Broadband Charges to reduce to half, by 2019

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) is ready to reduce current broadband charges to half, with double the speed as early as 2019, as pledged in the Barisan Nasional’s manifesto for GE14.

MCMC’s communications and digital ecosystem sector chief officer Datuk Mohd Ali Hanafiah Mohd Yunus said at this stage, they are working out the system with the licensed owners and service providers for the implementation.

“This year, we implemented the “double the speed with same price plan“, and in line with the BN’s manifesto, it would be implemented by 2019.

“We are focusing on fixed broadbands and will start with the cities, before implementing it nationwide,” he said today.

He said as for now, the price of Internet for the speed 10 megabit per second is as low as RM119 and RM129. It used to be as high as RM169 to RM179.

“For the speed of 100 megabit per second, one can subscribe it for as low as RM179-RM189, compared to RM299 previously,” he added.

Mohd Ali said with faster speed, users would be able to experience better services and use it for many things; mainly entrepreneurship, contents and education.

He said once the big cities are covered, MCMC would work to ensure the rural areas would enjoy the same quality of service.

“One of our main agendas is to close the digital gap between the rural areas and the cities,” he added.