iFIBER Launches Malaysia’s First Gigabit Open Access Network

[Cyberjaya, Malaysia, April 17, 2018] Malaysian telecom start-up, iFIBER demonstrates how Malaysian residential and businesses consumer can subscribe to any single Internet Service Provider (ISP) or more on the iFIBER portal which are currently made available – www.ifiber.my. This solution is the industry’s first in Malaysia that allows ISP and consumer to provision their own gigabit fibre internet subscription. iFIBER open system enable automated service provisioning and remove fiber infrastructure cost from the ISP. This solution helps ISP minimize network management and O&M costs, accelerate new service rollout, and build content-driven digital networks much faster and cost effective.

iFIBER Launches Malaysia’s First Gigabit Open Access Network 1

With iFIBER Open Access Fiber Network, iFIBER system enables ISP to automate network provisioning seamlessly. Additionally, this solution assists ISP to offer services from 100Mbps and up to 1Gbps symmetrical broadband services in real time and able to offer month-to-month package without contract or with shorter contract of 12 month. ISP will be able offer a-la-carte or bundle subscription plans for a better value proposition to their customers

iFIBER Main Data Centre is located at NTT MSC, Cyberjaya and allows multiple ISPs to inter-connect to our network which enables this solution to virtualize one physical network intro multiple tenant networks. So that each tenant can use dedicated network resources and enjoy quality network services at the same time while staying securely managed, improving network resource usage. A scalable network architecture and systematic ISP on-boarding process deployment shorten the service rollout time based on demand. With this solution, ISP can implement fast iteration of content services, avoid heavy network adjustment workloads, and reduce labor costs.

iFIBER builds an open access fibre network which mean that iFIBER is not a service provider but simply installs the infrastructure. Resident can then choose from a number of Internet Service Providers (ISP) for internet packages speed from 100Mbps up to 1000Mbps package.

The open access nature of the network prevents the duplication of infrastructure and drive down prices for the end user.

Choose the service provider and the package that you want. Easily change between providers and packages as you needs change. iFIBER gives you choice and convenience. No more long term contract and pick month-to-month services.

iFIBER is recognize as an enabler for the new age Internet.

“This is an extremely exciting period for the company, and we continue to focus on our commitment to deploy affordable, gigabit speed FTTH to 100 000 homes by the end of 2018” concludes Puan Wan Mohalina, Managing Director iFIBER.

iFIBER provides a holistic drive to increase real estate & property from enabling the new age Internet solution and contemporary interior design that matches the characteristic of a smart home solutions.

Raising common value proposition, iFIBER is pleased to announce and initiate the Open Access Network system together with Cyberjaya Broadband under Setia Haruman Technology Sdn Bhd, Platinum Core Solution Sdn Bhd, IDW Design & Build Sdn Bhd, IOTX Solution Sdn Bhd, KITAMEN Resources Sdn Bhd and Visi Cendrawasih Sdn Bhd

The mixtures and value, these companies had weight on the market allows iFIBER to formulate an affordable entry point in the market which are in line with the Government’s plan to increase broadband speed and lower the subscription rate.

“iFIBER is committed to constructing multi-purpose network infrastructure. We are also insisting on pursuing the last mile-connectivity and up to the home or building premises that resulted the property and real estate ecosystem to carry more value from our partners for a variety of industries.

iFIBER Launches Malaysia’s First Gigabit Open Access Network 2
iFIBER Launches Malaysia’s First Gigabit Open Access Network 3
iFIBER Launches Malaysia’s First Gigabit Open Access Network 4
iFIBER Launches Malaysia’s First Gigabit Open Access Network 5
iFIBER Launches Malaysia’s First Gigabit Open Access Network 6