Moto G6 Display, Camera, Software Features In Detail

Display and design

The Moto G6 will be marketed with the main selling points: display, cameras, and battery life. In line with previous leaks, the screen will be a “new” 5.7-inch display. It will be marketed as a “Max Vision” display and does adopt an 18:9 aspect ratio. Motorola specifically highlights the selling point as a ‘big screen within a small body’ thanks to its “compact” and edge-to-edge design which results in “virtually no bezel.” The Moto G6 is listed with a “Full HD” display, although due to the aspect ratio in use, it is presumed this will actually be Full HD+ (2,160 x 1,080). The display is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 and will once again support Attentive display – ensuring the screen remains on when the user is looking at it

Sticking with the design, the Moto G6 will include a “premium 3D glass back” which is designed to reflect light differently depending on the angle. Likewise, the body itself will be splash-resistant due to the inclusion of P2i nano-coating protection. This means the Moto G6 is protected against “moderate exposure” to water encounters – it is not waterproof but will be able to withstand light rain, spills, and splashes. The Moto G6 will also feature a microSD card slot for expanded storage – supporting cards up to 128GB.


In line with previous leaks, the Moto G6 will indeed feature a dual rear camera setup. The seen documents do not specify the exact configuration, although previous leaks have suggested 12-megapixel and 5-megapixel cameras. Though AndroidHeadlines can confirm the single front-facing camera will be an 8-megapixel unit. Speaking of the front-facing camera, one of its main selling points is support for facial recognition — “Face unlock” — software allowing users to unlock their phone just by looking at it. In addition to also sporting an ultra wide-angle mode for those times when a group selfie is needed.

As for the dual rear camera setup, what is clear is the emphasis Motorola is placing on the camera software. First up, the Moto G6 will be able to blur image backgrounds (and foregrounds) through the use of “Selective focus.” The blurring is only one novelty aspect that can be applied to the background as users will also be able to swap backgrounds in images. This feature is described as a “Cutout” and the idea is that users can pull a background from any photo in their Google Photos account and apply that background to the new image. In theory, the user can take an image of someone and then change the background to suggest the subject is at the beach, in the office, or even in space. As well as changing backgrounds, users will also be able to — in real-time — apply “animated face filters.” The cameras on the Moto G6 will also be of the smarter variety. This is best summed up through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to take advantage of landmark and object recognition. In principle, this sounds very much the same as Google Lens, although Motorola has not specifically mentioned Google Lens in the documentation. In either case, users will be able to aim the camera at a landmark or an object and the software will initiate a prompt asking whether the user would like to learn more about the landmark or object. Alternatively, by pointing the camera at a physical document, the user will be able to have the text scanned to a digital form which can then be quickly added to an email, a message, or anything else where a copy/paste function is available. At launch, this feature will only support text in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Additional software features for the rear cameras include the ability to add color to black-and-white images or highlight a color in an existing image. For example, the user will be able to highlight a color in a subject’s face and turn everything other than the highlighted color to black and white. In addition, the Moto G6 will house the ability for the camera to take multiple images at once and for the user to choose the “best shot” based on recommendations by the software. Likewise, “Active photos” will take a short video each time an image is captured. A “Beautification mode” will be included for those who want to jazz up selfies while those looking for greater granular control over aspects such as focus, exposure compensation, ISO, shutter speed, and white balance, will be able to have it through the Moto G6’s manual mode.

Battery life, performance, security and software

The Moto G6 will be powered by a 3,000 mAh capacity battery. According to Motorola, the battery will be enough to last “a full day” and will support Motorola’s TurboPower technology – compatible TurboPower charger will be included in the box. Without providing specifics, Motorola states users can expect “hours of power” in minutes. AndroidHeadlines can also confirm the Moto G6 will employ the help of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 octa-core SoC (clocked at 1.8 GHz) along with an Adreno 506 GPU.

At the software level, and with this being a Moto-branded phone it should not be a surprise to learn the Moto G6 is now confirmed as coming with all the usual Moto-related features, including support for Moto Actions, Moto Display, Moto Voice and Moto Key. The latter of which debuted on the Moto X4 and allows the use of the fingerprint sensor to unlock more than just the phone. For example, apps, websites, and Windows-based laptops. Essentially, removing the need to use passwords and typical login credentials altogether. On the fingerprint sensor topic, not only can the upcoming Android phone utilize Moto Key for a password-free lifestyle, but it also supports gestures. This works in much the same way as it does on the Moto G5 line, with the user able to swipe left to go back, swipe right right to access recents, and tap once to go home. Omitting the need for on-screen navigation buttons. NFC support is also included, allowing the fingerprint reader to be used for mobile payment purposes. Lastly, additional audio features will be in play, including free access to FM radio and Dolby Audio support.

Exclusive: Moto G6 Display, Camera, Software Features In Detail

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