Takaful Malaysia Launches Digitally-Assisted Medication Delivery Programme

Takaful Malaysia Launches Digitally-Assisted Medication Delivery Programme 1

Kuala Lumpur, 25 April 2018 – Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Berhad (Takaful Malaysia) today officially launched a Digitally-Assisted Medication Delivery Programme as part of the company’s digital strategy in spearheading new innovations in insurance. The launch witnessed the signing of a tripartite agreement with Ali Health Sdn Bhd, a member of the BP Healthcare Group of companies and a leading technology and healthcare services company and Microsoft (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, an information technology service provider offering sales and business management along with technical support services. The ceremony marked Takaful Malaysia’s foothold in providing technology assisted and healthcare related services to its Employee Benefits customers via the one-stop healthcare mobile application owned by Ali Health Sdn Bhd, Doctor2U.

“Today’s launch of the Digitally-Assisted Medication Delivery Programme denotes our strategic move in incorporating digital capabilities into our service to deliver superior customer experience. By introducing this cutting-edge programme, we are providing our Employee Benefits customers the advantages of utilizing the Doctor2U healthcare mobile application. This on-demand mobile app offers an innovative solution for the customers to conveniently obtain their medications with just a few clicks. Our customers will certainly gain benefit from this programme as a value add to the protection plan that we provide. There’s no cost incurred as both the long-term medication and delivery charges will be borne by Takaful Malaysia so long the medications are covered and within the limit. This programme not only provides convenient, safe and secure mode of communication between our customers and the third parties, but also improve the efficiency of medical insurance claims and audit work. This is part of our business strategy to not only meet the ever-rising consumer expectations but most importantly to stay relevant in the competitive Employee Benefits market,” said Dato’ Seri Mohamed Hassan Kamil, Group Chief Executive Officer of Takaful Malaysia.

The Digitally-Assisted Medication Delivery Programme is exclusively offered to Takaful Malaysia’s Employee Benefits customers and their dependents beginning 1 April 2018. The eligible customers will be able to order their medications directly through the Doctor2U mobile application. The Doctor2U app is a digital product of BP Healthcare Group built on Microsoft Azure that provides healthcare services directly to the users with just a push of a button. Currently, the services offered by Doctor2U include Doctor Home Visits, Medication Delivery, Ambulance Service, Live Chat, Electronic Medical Records, E-commerce and Video Consultation with many more exciting features coming out in stages.

Garvy Beh, Chief Executive Officer of Doctor2U commented, “At Doctor2U, we strongly believe that healthcare is a right, not a privilege and everyone should have an access to it. Thus, the Doctor2U app is created as a one-stop app with features that caters to the health care needs of the consumers, changing their lives for the better. Our mission is not only to provide convenient, affordable and quality healthcare experience to our patients. It is also our goals to bridge the gap and connect patients with trustworthy healthcare providers through a digital platform anytime anywhere. This strategic partnership represents a significant opportunity for us in expanding our leadership position in the technology and healthcare services industry.”

Microsoft Malaysia Managing Director, K. Raman said, “For more than 25 years, our technology and solutions have helped to empower people and organization in Malaysia to digitally transform. Creating value through digital transformation in the services sector like healthcare and insurance has become an immediate-term action in driving breakthrough performance to increase efficiency and process automation besides better consumer experience. With Doctor2U using our technology and Takaful Malaysia offering the innovative service to their customers, access to healthcare is bound to be easier and more efficient for all of us. This partnership stems from our objective to ensure that the benefits of technology can be enjoyed by one and all.”