U Mobile Unlimited Internet HERO P99 at RM49.50

The latest U Mobile HERO+HERO promotion enables their postpaid HERO P70, P98, Unlimited HERO P78, P79 and P99 customers to apply for a 2nd HERO postpaid line at 50% off.

The HERO postpaid lines that are applicable for the 50% off promotion are P48, P68, P79 and P99. With this new promotion, customers may subscribe for a 2nd line for as low as RM24 per month for a twelve-month period. 

HERO Postpaid Plan P48 P68 P79 P99
Original Monthly Price RM48 RM68 RM79 RM99
HERO+HERO Promotional Monthly Price (1st 12-months only)
RM24 RM34 RM39.50 RM49.50

For example, a user who are currently subscribed to the Unlimited HERO P79 postpaid plan could apply for the HERO P48 as a second line. The customer will only pay RM103 for both lines (RM79+RM24). This would save him/her RM288 in a year.

Only existing and new U Mobile postpaid plan customers with a minimum monthly fee of RM70/month are eligible for the U Mobile HERO+HERO promotion. For new sign up, customers could pick from two of postpaid plans below and then sign up for the 2nd line at half price (choose between P48, P68, P79 and P99). Both lines must be registered under the same name.

HERO+HERO Promo: U Mobile Unlimited Internet HERO P99 at RM49.50