[Video] HP Envy laptop exploded while charging

Steve Paffett – owner of Allplas – says his business could be out of action for six months after his HP laptop caught fire while left on charge, with the blaze destroying his office based off Works Road.

The managing director of the tarpaulins and netting specialists was at home asleep when his work intruder alarm woke him.

“I jumped on the CCTV app on my phone,” said Steve.

“The exterior of the building seemed secure, but I thought I would check inside.
Police, fire and ambulance attended the scene of the blaze.

“To my horror I was watching a bonfire on my office desk. I thought ‘what am I going to do?’ It was awful.

“I got up, trying not to panic, got dressed, grabbed my wallet, keys and phone and left for work.

“On the way I dialed 999 and they were brilliant. I got straight through to the police who arrived not long after I did, and two fire engines, another three or four police cars, a paramedic and an ambulance were all on the scene in no time.”

In the short time before the police arrived, Steve attempted to put out the blaze by setting off two fire extinguishers, however it was already well established by that point.

Steve bought his HP Envy laptop in 2014, and had never had an issue with the charger. He only decided to leave it on charge when he unplugged it and it turned off immediately.

The Comet contacted HP for comment but has not received a response.