Going cashless in Putrajaya

Putrajaya Corporation (PPj) and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) have collaborated with PrimeKeeper Malaysia, a mobile payment service aggregator platform, to introduce users and micro merchants in Putrajaya to a digital wallet mobile app.

The app, which is part of the federal administrative capital’s efforts to promote a cashless digital lifestyle, allows merchants to accept mobile payments from users via quick response (QR) code scans.

Among those who have downloaded the payment app are residents Azhari Ab Latif, 67, and Amarendran Rajaratnam, 55, who said the app would make life easier for them and make Putrajaya a safer place for the elderly who are easy prey for snatch thieves.

The digital wallet, together with the Putrajaya mobile app, was launched at the Precinct 9 Community Centre Food Court after a three-month test run that saw positive response from the community and traders.

“Currently, PrimeKeeper has 5,000 users who can make cashless transactions at 110 premises. The target by year end is 50,000 users and 1,500 premises,” said PPj president Datuk Hasim Ismail.

With the upcoming Ramadan Festival and Floria events, PPj is confident it will meet the numbers.

“The next step is to ensure that the public understands how it works, so the programme must be promoted well,” said Azhari, referring to traders who still preferred conventional methods of payment.

Putrajaya Challenge park manager Mohd Bazly Mohammad Najib, 33, said although still new to many, the concept needs to start.

“It will spread organically over time, just like WhatsApp. The day will come when a digital wallet app will be a necessity for micro businesses,” he said.

MCMC chairman Tan Sri Dr Halim Shafie, who was also present at the launch, said the cashless payment programme was in line with Putrajaya’s vision as a smart city.

“The improvement in telecommunications infrastructure will see to the success of the cashless city project. As it is, Putrajaya has 100% 3G and 4G coverage,” he pointed out.


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