Review- Tenda 4G680 4G LTE Router

Review- Tenda 4G680 4G LTE Router 1

I bought a Tenda 4G680 4G LTE Router modem two weeks ago. The Tenda 4G680 is a 4G LTE Router where you could insert a SIM Card (with a wireless broadband plan) and use it as a WiFi Access Point or Wired connection at home/office.

Here’s my short review.

Things I like about the Tenda 4G680:

  • Supports all the mobile networks in Malaysia including Maxis, Celcom, Digi, Unifi Mobile, Yes4G: FDD-LTE: Band 1/Band 3/Band 5/Band 7/Band 8/Band 20/Band 28, TDD-LTE:Band 38/Band 40/Band 41, WCDMA:Band 1/Band 8, GSM:Band 2/Band 3/Band 5/Band 8
  • Uses Standard SIM Card Slot
  • Zero Configuration for the SIM Card, just plug in the SIM and start using it immediately, auto APN
  • Two external 5dBi LTE Antenna(detachable), good reception
  • Support for VoLTE. You can plug in a standard phone line (RJ11) into the router and make/receive calls if your mobile operator supports VoLTE
  • Failover to Wired Internet. The router has a 10/100Mbps WAN port that can support wired broadband such as Streamyx and Internet, for automatic failover in case the LTE/3G connection stops working.
  • Supports SMS and USSD services

Things I dislike about the Tenda 4G680:

  • Only 2.4Ghz Wifi and just 300Mbps speed, no 5Ghz Wifi
  • Maximum supported LTE Download Speed= 150Mbps
  • LAN Ports supports only 100Mbps
  • Only 3 MAC address can be assigned
  • Two Internal Wifi antennas= Not so strong Wifi signals
  • The admin interface can be improved, looks so so and feel insecure
  • There’s no firmware update yet
  • No USB port for file sharing
  • Does not support the Tenda Wifi mobile app, no Cloud support
  • Price above RM300 for normal specifications

For the full specification of the Tenda 4G680, you can download the Tenda 4G680 datasheet here.

I bought the Tenda 4G680 from a shop called Asuka at the price of RM347, it was the last unit. You may also get it from other stores on Lazada, Lelong and 11Street.

The Tenda 4G680 is recommend if you are OK with the disadvantages mentioned above. Also, the price of the product should be priced cheaper, below RM300, since it does not have advanced specs.

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