Taiwan Excellence Intercollege Battleground 2018 (TEIB) in Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR (3rd MAY, 2018) – Beginning April 3, the Taiwan Excellence Intercollege Battleground 2018 (TEIB) promises to be Malaysia’s largest intercollegiate e-Sports tournament to date. It features 10 contending champions from respective qualifiers held within six different cities, with the penultimate aim of being crowned the lead champion in their respective game! A total prize pool of RM 130,000 will be awarded to the winning teams. The grand finale will take place this coming October and will gather the top 10 participating teams from 10 different universities across the country, comprising KDU, INTI, HELP, Taylor’s, TARC, MMU, UMS, UCSI, First City and Southern.

Acer Predator, Asus ROG and MSI are the TEIB 2018 major sponsors. This new intercollegiate league aims to connect rapidly emerging e-sport communities at universities and colleges, and in the process, help bolster e-Sports’ growth among youth. Aorus, Kingmax, In Win, Team Group, Thermaltake, Transcend and XPG have similarly joined in the efforts, providing the opportunity to experience the best and latest gaming devices. Indeed, these gaming industry partners are supplying superior gaming technology and therefore promise an extraordinary experience and tournament. The three main e-Sport titles headlining this prestigious event are Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends.

TEIB will begin with 10 qualifiers in 10 locations, comprising universities and colleges across Malaysia. In each qualifier, one champion from each game will be awarded the opportunity to take part in the TEIB Main Event, where they will compete against each other in a battle that will see one college representative crowned the Champion of Champions! In addition to the exciting main events, visitors will also be able to enjoy and observe other thrilling games such as Asseto Corsa, Tekken 7, and Street Fighter V!

With such scale comes great reward. A grand total of RM130,000 is up for grabs for those who have the drive and passion to game their way to the top.

To kick things off, TEIB is launching the tournament on May 3 at The Pantheon, Malaysia’s 1st e-Sports centre with the NVIDIA-certified Platinum iCafe. This launch will welcome gaming communities from all over Malaysia and introduce the Taiwan Excellence Intercollege Battleground to the world.

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The Taiwan Excellence Awards were established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1993. Each year, eligible candidates are subject to a rigorous and stringent selection system that covers four major aspects – R&D, Design, Quality and Marketing – in order to identify outstanding products that offer ‘Innovative Value’ while satisfying the key criterion of being ‘Made in Taiwan’. Products selected for the Taiwan Excellence Awards constitute examples of domestic industries and are promoted by the government in the international market, in an effort to shape the creative image for Taiwanese businesses.

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