Astro Group CEO, Rohana Rozhan quits

Astro announcement:

Astro Malaysia Holdings Berhad (“Astro” or “the Company”) announced today that Dato’ Rohana Rozhan, the Group Chief Executive Officer (“GCEO”) of the Company, has given notice of her resignation to take effect from 31 January 2019.

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The Board of Directors wishes to thank Dato’ Rohana Rozhan for her valuable contributions, and is appreciative of her leadership of Astro for more than 20 years.

“Dato’ Rohana has been an inspirational leader to all at Astro, having led the team in setting many firsts and milestones for the media industry in Malaysia. We respect her decision to step down as GCEO and wish her all the very best and a bright future ahead” said Tun Zaki Azmi, Chairman of Astro.

A pioneer member of the Astro Group since 1995, Dato’ Rohana rose up the ranks to become its Group Chief Executive Officer. A principal architect of the Company’s growth strategies, she has led Astro to become Malaysia’s leading content and consumer company with a growing ASEAN presence.

During her tenure as CEO, Astro’s customer base grew from 2.0 million to 5.5 million, whilst revenue grew RM1.79 billion to RM5.53 billion for the financial year ended 31 January 2018.

In Astro, Dato’ Rohana champions diversity and complementarity in assembling Astro’s top team and is passionate about transforming Astro into a cloud, mobile-first and analytics-driven digital content organisation. She has earned numerous recognitions for management and leadership including “CEO of the Year 2016” by MSWG and CNBC’s Asia’s Business Leader for Talent Management in 2016. Variety Los Angeles and MIPTV Cannes bestowed on her the achievement in International TV Award in 2018, the first Asian to be awarded this prestigious recognition.

“The business that we built at Astro over the years is attributable to one thing – the passionate, committed and talented individuals that make up Team Astro. It is my honour to have been part of this amazing team, moving as one, to achieve far more than I ever dreamt possible in a fast-evolving and dynamic industry. As Team Astro, our passion has always been to better serve our customers, which has been our privilege and our continued responsibility” said Dato’ Rohana.

In line with the Group’s succession plan, the Board has approved the appointment of Mr. Henry Tan as Dato’ Rohana’s successor. Dato’ Rohana will transition her leadership to Mr Henry Tan, who is currently Group Chief Content & Consumer Officer. He has been with Astro for more than 10 years. The Board believes that Henry will continue to champion and lead Astro into the future.

Notwithstanding her resignation as GCEO on 31 January 2019, she will remain on the board as a nonexecutive director.

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