iPhones might get three cameras

A new analyst report speculates that the 2019 iPhone will have one telephoto lens and two more to create a depth map for AR.

Those three iPhones rumored for 2019 are also suspected to all use OLED screens, just like the iPhone X. This screen technology is known for producing rich color with high contrast and deep blacks.

Who would’ve thought that a doodling app could bring bitter iPhone and Android fanboy rivals together? Just A Line is a multiplayer “game” at the heart of Google’s first Android-to-iOS AR experiment. Anyone with Android or iOS can collaborate on AR doodles in the same environment. Apps, bringing the world closer together since 1987.

Unfortunately, apps don’t always mend relationships; sometimes they tear them apart. Telegram, an instant-messaging app now banned in Russia, says that Apple is keeping it from updating its iOS app. Telegram was prohibited on Russian territory after its founders refused to provide users’ private communications to Russian security agencies. In a recent statement, co-founder Pavel Durov implied that Apple was siding with Russia on this dispute over user privacy. Let’s hope we get to the bottom of this.


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