Jabra introduces New Elite Product Range- 25e, 45e, 65t, 65e

Jabra introduces New Elite Product Range- 25e, 45e, 65t, 65e 1

Jabra is introducing the newest additions to its Elite product range, a series of headphones and earbuds engineered for superior sound to provide the best combined voice and music experience.

Jabra’s research shows that the daily usage of headphones by frequent users focuses on calls (58% of users each day), music (53%) and voice control (35%). The Elite series is engineered to meet the needs of these users looking not only for outstanding music quality, but also for strong voice capability, whether they’re making calls or increasingly using voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Now.

With the Elite product series, headphone users no longer have to make a choice between great music headphones or a headset designed for voice and calls, now they can have both with whichever Elite product they choose.

The Jabra Elite Sport, the best-selling, most technically advanced true wireless sports earbuds, set the standard for the Elite product suite by incorporating leading audio technology, and the new series follow this direction.

Drawing on the GN Group’s long-standing audio, headset and hearing aid expertise, each new Elite product contains unique microphone configurations to ensure users will always be heard, whether you’re speaking to Alexa or your family and whether you’re indoors or out on the street. In addition, the companion Jabra Sound+ app allows you to personalise your music to the sound that suits you.

In addition to the best-in-class voice and music experience, the new Elite products also come with the security of a two-year warranty against dust and water ingress (two years for the Elite Active 65t also including sweat ingress). As users experience the great voice and music experience that Elite products offer, they will also be able to choose the wearing style that suits them best. The Elite series includes true wireless and soft neckband variants with the suffix letter signifying the styles clearly using ‘e’ for earbud and ‘t’ for true wireless.

Alexa Integration

For those who prefer using voice commands, the new products allow voice support for all major voice services, now including Amazon Alexa on-the-go. Jabra will be among the first movers to enable this mobile feature, providing customers with access to Alexa directly from the earbuds. With Alexa, you can ask to play music, hear the news, check weather, control smart home devices, and much more.

While delivering a market-leading voice and music experience and durability, each of the Elite products were presented at this year’s CES and comes with its own specific features:

Elite 45e: Engineered for the best voice and music experience. The Elite 45e is for users who want the best combined voice and music experience in a headset with a discreet design and a great fit. This soft neckband (with memory wire) headset has a lightweight form factor and a unique box microphone solution that delivers the clearest voice communication on any stereo wireless headphone.

Elite 65e: Engineered for best-in-class wireless calls and music. The Elite 65e provides two levels of noise cancellation including Jabra’s leading Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) solution via 2 microphones in each earbud to deliver noise cancelling that meets business standards. It also delivers incredible conversation quality with three-microphone technology that creates a noise-blocking zone – making sure your voice is conveyed with crystal-clear clarity.

Elite Active 65t: Engineered for active users who want a true wireless voice and music experience while working out. The Jabra Elite Active 65t is for those who want the features of the Elite 65t, while being able to use the earbuds in a sports or training setting. The earbuds have enhanced grip, through special coating, integrated accelerometer for tracking features and IP56 sweat, water and dust certification. The Elite Active 65t (picture below) has five hours of listening time on one charge with two additional charges in the cradle.

Jabra introduces New Elite Product Range- 25e, 45e, 65t, 65e 2

“By introducing the Elite range, we have demonstrated to headphone users that we understand their needs and that we are fully committed to providing the best voice and music headphone solutions. Our new Elite products accommodate three levels of technology in sound, microphone and voice interaction capabilities, different endurance levels, and both true wireless earbud and neckband solutions,” said René Svendsen-Tune, CEO at Jabra. “With the Elite series, we now offer headsets for every choice of wearing style, use case and price point.”

Key features of the Elite Range:

  • The best voice experience: unique, market-leading microphone technology ensures the best calls and voice interactions on the market. Plus support for all major voice virtual assistants including new integration with Amazon Alexa-on-the-go.
  • Personalised music experience: users can adapt their sound to suit their personal preferences with the Jabra Sound app
  • Biggest choice of wearing styles: true wireless, neckband, soft neckband, headband – always the best voice, music and calls
  • Unbeatable durability: two-year life proof warranty against water and dust ingress, two-year warranty for Active & Sport variants against sweat and dust

For our Video News Release, go to: Sound only: https://youtu.be/ea6zv6N5x0k. With subtitles: https://youtu.be/uyd8eqDh4hk. Find out more about the new Jabra Elite series at: www.jabra.com/elite.

Pricing & Exciting Pre-Order Gifts

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Following are the prices of the Elite product range:

  • Elite 25e @ RM309 (in market since Dec 17)
  • Elite 45e @ RM399 (NEW)
  • Elite 65t @ RM749 (in market since May 18)
  • Elite Active 65t @ RM849 (NEW)
  • Elite 65e @ RM949 (NEW)