CA Technologies Ranked #1 for Delivery Automation

CA Technologies (NASDAQ: CA), a leader in business automation software, today announced it is ranked #1 in Delivery Automation: ARO Application Release Orchestration, based on revenue in a recent Gartner report: Market Share: IT Operations, Worldwide, 2017.

The Application Release Orchestration (ARO) market continues to grow, with Gartner revealing an estimated 37.5 percent increase in 2017 – bringing the Delivery Automation: ARO market size to $282.6 million globally.

“We are incredibly proud to be ranked #1. We believe the findings validate our work, and our ranking is the latest addition to CA’s long list of recognitions and accolades,” said Ashok Reddy, Group General Manager, DevOps, CA Technologies. “As enterprises are challenged with delivering apps at pace with agile development, increasingly data-driven and AI Based, CA Continuous Delivery Automation empowers them with the speed and agility they need to execute upon their digital transformation initiatives.”

Recently, CA also announced the latest release of the CA Automic One Automation platform – delivering new capabilities that drive intelligent automation throughout the enterprise.

Empowering IT Organizations with Industry-Leading Automation

CA automation products are designed to bring today’s Modern Software Factory to life by accelerating digital transformation and empowering modern application delivery. With CA Automation, enterprises can move from opportunistic to systemic automation, unify automation silos and drive automation across all business processes.

Core to the CA Automation portfolio is the CA Automic One Automation platform  the industry’s most open, intelligent, scalable and unified automation platform. CA Continuous Delivery Automation is built on this platform and drives continuous delivery across the enterprise for modern cloud-native applications, in addition to core packaged applications.

By incrementally replacing multiple and ad hoc tools with a standard automation platform, customers are able to scale their investment across people, process and technology. CA automation executes core business, application and infrastructure processes—on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment—providing maximum visibility and control across the business. CA is powering digital transformation by giving businesses the agility, speed and reliability required to stay competitive in the digital age.

Learn more about CA Continuous Delivery Automation here.

The Gartner report, Market Share: IT Operations, Worldwide, 2017, contains detailed market share for applications and infrastructure software for all the world’s major regions. It covers more than 300 software vendors for 20 software markets and 92 software submarkets in 43 countries

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