U Mobile GX50 at just RM40/month with Unlimited Internet

U Mobile GX50, which was launched a couple weeks ago is a postpaid plan that comes with Unlimited Calls and Unlimited Internet usage at 5Mbps speed, all for RM50/month.

U Mobile GX50 Postpaid Plan:

  • Unlimited Calls to local mobile and fixed numbers
  • Unlimited Internet for all your smartphone apps (including Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and every other apps). Enjoy speeds up to 5Mbps
  • Free 5GB hotspot for sharing your mobile internet to your PC, laptop or other devices
  • No contract

Here’s how to enjoy U Mobile GX50 at just RM40/month (rebate of RM10/month x 12 month) with the same Unlimited Calls and Unlimited Internet. All you need to do is port in with an existing mobile number to U Mobile.

Step 1: Visit [this link] on the U Mobile website and fill up the port in request form. Select the GX50 plan. Follow the steps.

Step 2: Request and enter the TAC number. Then, click on SUBMIT

Step 3: Check your registered email for port-in order number. U Mobile tries to deliver the new sim pack to you within 24 working hours if you live in the city, or it could take between 3-5 days.

u mobile move-onz sim pack

Step 4: Once you received your sim pack, visit [this link], key in your ID number, order number, and the last 4 digits of your SIM Serial Number (SSN) for verification. Your port in request is now being processed by your current mobile operator.

Step 5: Within 24 hours, you should receive an SMS from your current mobile operator. Reply the SMS to confirm the port out request to U Mobile (YES for Maxis, Y for Digi or YES for Celcom).

u mobile port in

Step 6: Upon receiving the confirmation SMS of the port out request (normally within 24 hours after you reply YES as in Step 5), swap your OLD SIM card with your NEW U Mobile SIM card as soon as your device detects no network/no service coverage. You have now successfully ported to U Mobile GX 50 plan at RM40/month.

Some tips about porting to U Mobile GX50:

  • Before porting out from your existing Telco (Maxis/Celcom/Digi), make sure that you have settled all your pending bills in full. If you have not settled all your bills with your current mobile operator, you can’t port out. If you are on prepaid, you should use up all the airtime credit (purchase apps, etc).
  • You can’t port out to U Mobile if your mobile number has a contract with the existing Telcos (contract with phone purchase or free phone offer).
  • The U Mobile online port in is only available for a single mobile number, per port in. If you have multiple supplementary lines with your existing service provider, you can convert them to Principle lines and then port in those numbers via the Steps above and still enjoy the RM10 rebate for each mobile number.
  • The RM10 rebate is only given if you maintain an active line. You will not receive the rebate for the month when your line is suspended.
  • After 12-months, you will be paying RM50/month, however you are free to change to different mobile plan anytime.

Note: You can also port in to U Mobile GX30 prepaid here and enjoy a RM5 rebate every month for 6-months (RM25/month).

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