Maxis still waiting for Telekom Malaysia to revised access agreement

If Telekom Malaysia Bhd ’s (TM) access (ducts) network is made available, will you invest to link up the nation?

Yes. We are currently the only operator accessing the existing fibre infrastructure and offering services to Malaysian customers.

In our view, Malaysia is best served with a single neutral high capacity fibre network/operator. Such an approach is efficient and will harness the limited resources in the country without over-building in areas where a network is already in existence.

We will invest in products and promotions. Maxis will continue to invest in fibre deployment. This is already happening today and we have covered about 85,000 home passed.

If the government is promoting fibre connection, what should players do to assist?

We appreciate the government’s policy direction, and look forward to a swift implementation which has been long delayed. Maxis plans to deliver the government’s objectives of faster speed and lower prices as soon as we’ve got the regulatory clearance to do so.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has stipulated July 31 as the extended deadline to complete all access agreements based on the new MSAP prices. The access agreement has to be compliant with MCMC’s Mandatory Standards on Access (MSA) and Mandatory Standards on Access Pricing (MSAP).

We have yet to receive an access agreement from TM that is compliant with MSA and MSAP.

We are seeking MCMC assistance to facilitate the process. We would like to emphasise that there should be a healthy competitive market for all communications services in Malaysia in particular fixed broadband services. This requires a full implementation of MSAP pricing together with a strong regulatory framework to ensure a level playing field for the industry. Consumers and businesses need to be offered more choices in terms of competitive prices, product range and even better services.