Samsung Galaxy Note 9- Live Updates

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Live Updates.

11.14pm: Samsung announced new Galaxy Note 9

11.16pm: Drew Blackard on stage talking about the Galaxy Note 9

11.18pm: 6.4-inch screen , 4 colours Blue Lavender, Copper, Black

11.19pm: All day battery, the largest ever on Note, 4000mAh

11.20pm: base model 128gb, 512gb ssd

11.21pm: 512GB storage plus 512G microSD= 1TB storage space

11.22pm: 1.2Gbps 4G LTE Speeds!!

11.25pm: AKG speakers, the louders ever on note. Advanced cooling technology.

11.26pm: Super slowmo Brand new intelligent camera.

11.27pm: Camera recognise flower, food and optimise the colour tone.

11.29pm: Take pictures on Note 9 by clicking on the S Pen.

11.30pm: S-pen support bluetooth techology, ultimate remote control, even control presentations. Charge S-Pen by putting it insider the Galaxy Note 9. Just 30min for a full charge.

11.34pm: HDMI adapter for Samsung DeX.

11.38pm: New Samsung Smartwatch

11.40pm: Samsung Galaxy Watch. 42mm, 46mm, High res amoled display, anti scratch and water resistant, military grade durability. Stand alone lte connectivity.

11.41: Galaxy Watch…15 countries, 30 carriers for LTE. Battery can be used for several days with a single charge.  Charge wirelessly with Galaxy Duo…together with Galaxy Note 9.

11.45pm: Bixby AI continuously being refined.

11.52pm: The new Samsung Galaxy Home….bixby powered speaker.

11.53pm: Galaxy Home— Natural sound processing, subwoofer, made by AKG.

11.59pm: Spotify is new music partner of Samsung. Seamless experience from phone to tv and to Galaxy Home

12.05am: Galaxy Note9 Available beginning August 24.

12.07pm: Its a wrap.

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