TP-Link’s Neffos smartphone brand to showcase at IFA 2018

TP-Link’s Neffos smartphone brand to showcase at IFA 2018 1

For the third consecutive year, Neffos is attending the IFA trade show in Berlin to show off its latest and greatest products, including the new Neffos P1 smartphone that doubles as a projector capable of displaying a 200-inch picture.

Neffos is a sub-brand of TP-Link that produces capable, reliable, and reasonably priced handsets. TP-Link is the undisputed leader in the wireless-network-solutions space. It operates in over 170 countries and regions and cater to tens of millions of customers, while further advancing in the world of networking to deliver award-winning products that make lives easier.

Neffos announces pricing and availability for X9 and C9 and C9A smartphones

To kick off its IFA 2018 attendance, Neffos has unveiled some key details on the much-awaited Neffos X9, C9, and C9A to the global market. Recently launched to the Asian market first in Malaysia earlier in July 2018, the X9 and C9A are now available for RM599 and RM429 respectively, while the C9 is expected to hit stores later in September with a price tag of RM479. All three are designed to deliver a high-quality smartphone experience for less money.

The flagship Neffos X9 combines sophisticated elegance and impeccable build quality with great usability and everyday features for the ultimate value-for-money purchase. It boasts a large Full-View touch display that spans 5.99 inches and features narrow bezels to maximize the screen real estate without expanding the phone’s overall footprint.

In keeping with today’s market expectations, the X9 also has an advanced dual-camera setup on the back, with 13- and 5-megapixel sensors working in tandem to produce quality portrait shots that keep the foreground crisp and in focus while blurring the background slightly.

The 8-megapixel selfie camera at the top of the screen boasts a wide field of view for taking group pictures. It also comes with image-enhancing algorithms, made possible by Neffos’ strong partnership with leading imaging-software company ArcSoft. A 10-level Real-Time Beautify mode powered by artificial intelligence or AI shows a live preview of the beautification options available for the camera.

For added security, face unlock is available via the front-facing camera, which scans over a hundred different facial details to verify the user’s identity and unlock the device. This is made possible from Neffos’ collaboration with SenseTime, considered as the world’s most valuable artificial-intelligence company.

Meanwhile, the Neffos C9 and C9A likewise impress with their tall, 18:9 HD+ displays that arrive in generous sizes of 5.99 and 5.45 inches, respectively, for immersive, full-screen experiences that are sure to please. Neffos has also equipped both devices with Softlight Cameras on the front to capture faces in full detail, even at night or in the dark.

Similar to the X9, the C9 and C9A incorporate fingerprint sensors into their designs, as well as facial recognition for quick and convenient unlocking using the selfie camera. Powered by the latest AI technology, the C9 and C9A read facial features with incredible accuracy. Live beautification filters are built into the software, too.

Neffos showcases cutting-edge P1 phone with built-in laser projector

At the IFA 2018 convention, Neffos will debut the impressive P1, which adds a laser projector that can throw a picture as large as 200 inches wide onto a wall or any flat surface in high resolution.

The projector uses American military-grade micro-electro-mechanical system or MEMS laser technology and a three-color beam light to produce a clear image that will automatically align with the wall or surface, even when the phone is positioned awkwardly.

Impressively, it also has a contrast ratio of 5,000:1, which is much higher than what standard digital-light-processing or DLP projectors can offer. The improved contrast ratio results in a brighter, more vibrant picture. Its wider color gamut, on the other hand, means that colors jump off the screen and more visible details are produced.

The projector is also designed to consume less power, providing the Neffos P1 with more than enough battery life to project an image continuously for up to four hours on a single charge of its 4,000mAh power cell.

Looking forward, consumers can expect more innovative products from Neffos in 2019.

TP-Link’s Neffos smartphone brand to showcase at IFA 2018 2
TP-Link’s Neffos smartphone brand to showcase at IFA 2018 3
TP-Link’s Neffos smartphone brand to showcase at IFA 2018 4
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