Huawei P20 Pro now available in Morpho Aurora and Pearl White colours

When the HUAWEI P20 Series was launched, the glamorous Twilight colour proved a hit in the market, having sold out shortly after launch. Inspired by light, the beautiful colour progression showcases the most vibrant segment of the light spectrum. It is perfection exemplified—a gradient where complementing hues perfectly transition from one to another in a way that could only be described as an intersection of nature and imagination.

Nature is the greatest artist of all time; it knows no bounds, and harbors limitless potential. That’s why Huawei has taken to leaning on it for inspiration. The new Morpho Aurora and Pearl White colours represent Huawei’s latest effort to deliver the best of what nature has to offer to consumers. As new additions to the gradient colour line-up, which until now is comprised of the Twilight and Pink Gold variants, these two colours bolster the range of options available to consumers.

The new colours represent:

  • The Pursuit of Beauty: Huawei’s unwavering commitment to delivering top-class design to consumers;
  • The Insight into Light: The transitions correspond to the natural arrangement of hues on the light spectrum, and fit well with personality of the product
  • The Understanding of Trends: They demonstrate Huawei’s foresight into upcoming trends, and Huawei’s ability to turn “what’s next” into “what’s in.”
  • The Commitment to Leading: Whereas the Twilight made the gradient colour popular in the tech world, the new colours are the evolution of the trend.
  1. Morpho Aurora

The Morpho Aurora is a striking gradient colour. It embodies the mysteriousness of the Northern Light, and accentuates that with the liveliness of the Morpho butterfly. The new Morpho Aurora variant is realized by a special nanocoating with the same microscopic, cross-rib, nanostructures on Morpho butterfly wings whereby light is altered to create a deep blue with a subtle hint of reddish purple.

  1. Pearl White

Iridescent nacre is considered one of the most precious materials for jewelry. Nacre is iridescent because the thickness of inner layer is similar to the wavelength of light. Light reflected from the outer surface is therefore able to interfere with light reflected from the inner surface. Interferences of different wavelengths of light produce different, rainbow-like colours when viewed at different angles of incident light.

The Pearl White variant of HUAWEI P20 Series gets its colours the same way nacre gets its look. Through the NCVM process, Huawei puts onto the glass back a number of nanocoatings that have a thickness similar to visible wavelengths, so when light hits the surface, the back will adopt an iridescent rainbow-like sheen.

The Morpho Aurora and Pearl White colours of HUAWEI P20 Series are created adhering to the rules of nature. With these nature-inspired hues, the HUAWEI P20 Series once again awes the world and pulls ahead as the leader of smartphone design.

Pricing & Availability

Retailing at RM 2,949, the P20 Pro Pearl White can be purchased on .

For more information on the Huawei P20 Pro new colours availability in the market, stay tuned to Huawei Malaysia for announcement.

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