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MalaysianWireless 4G Speedtest: Maxis vs Celcom

Dear readers,

MalaysianWireless will be doing a network speedtest comparison between Maxis 4G and Celcom 4G next week. The test location will be within Kuala Lumpur and parts of Selangor (neighbouring areas close to KL).

Purpose of this speedtest: To see which network has the fastest download/upload Peak Internet speeds. All test will be performed against a server on the Android app. Two Galaxy Note9 will used in the test.

Do you have any specific area (with good 4G coverage) that you would like us to test?

Do comment below (only comments below on this page will be entertained). Note: Please don’t comment on the MalaysianWireless Facebook post.

This is an outdoor roadtest. In the comment, please state:

  • the exact road name (jalan) and city
  • landmarks if any

Example: Outside Manara Citibank, Jalan Ampang, KL

Also, this is a network speedtest NOT a coverage test. We won’t be testing at areas with poor coverage (estimated 2 signal bar and below, out of 4 bars).

Anyone can comment below, no registration required. We need your input by the end of Monday next week (15th October).

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