Think Bluetooth, Think Jabra. Say Hello To The Talk Franchise Range

Think Bluetooth, Think Jabra. Say Hello To The Talk Franchise Range 1

Think Bluetooth, and one of the immediate brands that one recalls is Jabra.

It’s no wonder, as Jabra was the FIRST brand to introduce Bluetooth headsets to the world almost 20 years ago, more than two months ahead of the competition.

This paved the world for wireless communication and the Danish brand has since dominated the enterprise and consumer space with its fleet of innovative Bluetooth devices.

Celebrating 20 years of Bluetooth history, Jabra now pays tribute to this innovative technology by introducing its range of Bluetooth mono headsets under an umbrella brand called The Talk Franchise.

The Talk Franchise will bring together renowned mono headsets such as The Eclipse, Stealth, Mini and the BT2046, which deliver the same theme – crystal clear Talk.

The series will be named accordingly from Talk 5, Talk 15, Talk 25, Talk 35, Talk 45 and Talk 55 –as the numbers progress, so does the features of the Bluetooth headset.

“At Jabra, we continue to build innovative experiences based on Bluetooth. The modern refresh of our Talk Franchise shows our commitment to this product series.

“Comfortable, stylish and designed to make your day-to-day activities run smoothly, Bluetooth Mono headsets are still a great extension of your phone – allowing you to remain hands-free, whether at work or on the go, you can make and receive calls while performing numerous other tasks with ease,” said KC Yap, Country Manager of Jabra Malaysia.

The Jabra Talk Franchise will encompass:

  • Talk 5 (formerly Jabra BT2046) @RM109
  • Talk 15 (formerly Jabra Talk) @RM159
  • Talk 25 (formerly Jabra Mini)@R189
  • Talk 35 (formerly Jabra Extreme 2) @RM299
  • Talk 45 (formerly Jabra Stealth) @RM349
  • Talk 55 (formerly Jabra Eclipse) @RM509

Find out more about the products in the Jabra Talk family at:

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